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Humanities - Emmanuel Chanel's Links Collection

Modern History

Creating the Lessons: Japan
The official website of Creating the Lessons: Japan.
Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform
The official website of Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform.
Society for Reform of Textbooks
A society part from Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform. They write texbooks of Ikuhosha and Japanese Organization for Recovery of Education support them.
Fusosha's child company for publishing textbooks, parting from Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform.
The Web Society for Thinking Textbooks
The website for thinking of history textbooks, administrated by Aramar. It has some boards: New Funny Punch School and Chikurin School. And he has also the blogs named Dream Sky Hallway Trip(Kagerou)(the board for comments of it), Dream Sky Hallway Trip(Sakura Nue), Dream Sky Hallway Trip(Johmon), Dream Sky Hallway Trip(Muei).
The Web Dayly by Prof. Kanji Nishio
The official website of Prof. Kanji Nishio, administrated by Mrs. Toshiue no Hasegawa.
Lectures of De-Brainwashing History
The official website of Toshio Tanabe. He revealed the lies on the Chinese accuses of our atrocities and on the Mass Rape and Masacre of New Guinea.
Cyber Study Group of Japanese History
A website of Mr. Ichiro Matsuo, studied the Rape of Nanking for some years. He refute the Rape of Nanking so efficiently that the website is very famous in China. It has the English version: ABC of The Rape of Nanking.
Fabrication of the Rape of Nanking
A website of the essayist on 2ch; denying the Rape of Nanking: Mr. Guuse . It has Called Net Rightist,.... There are another hall named Data Related to the Rape of Nanking, the other hall named the HP for Watching the Problme of Hiroshi Motomiya's Fabrication on "The Country Burns" and Hiroshi Yamamoto: the chairman of "the Academy of Outrageous Books", and the yet other hall named Guuse's Collection of Discussion on the Web Board(For ending the loop discussion on the Cyber Study Group of Japanese History Web Board).
Anguish of Nanking Shibuta(Protestia)
The blog of Nanking Shibuta, researching the issue of Nanjing Massacre. He suggets the self-profession of Protestia, against leftists' labeling them Netouyo. He deligently refuted Nanjing Massacre on Twitter and has also the note account.
Memorandom of Giyomidon & Tracing the Maze of Historical Memories
The blog of Ms hinatanococo aka Giyomidon. She discuss China's fabrication of Japanese war crimes, China's stealing of Japan's thunder of rescuing Jewish people, China's erase of history of Nationalist China's alliance with Nazis, and Unit 731. She also researches the conspiracy theory and criticize the holocaust denial. Under Giyomidon's permission, I, Emmanuel Chanel made the archive website.
Nanking Incident - The Detail Explanation of the view that Executions of Chinese Soldiers are Legal on Wartime International Law
The website that explains the point of wartime international law on Nanjing Massacre. It's not illegal to execute Chinese soldiers and guerillas. The author quote the academic books of Prof. Ryoichi Taoka, an authority of wartime international law in Japan.
History Fabrications of Red China, Korea, and Left Wings
A website for verifying historical photo data. I don't know who's the admin.
The Modern History of Our Pride that We Teach to Our Children
Nippon Youth Congress' New Textbook Making Comission's contents shown on Mr. Motosuke Takeda's website. I often mention The page about the propaganda wall painting.
Merit In This World Web Board
It's called Dog Board. Zasshuken-Lassie's web board. His website had essays about the problem of Tokyo Prefecture Peace Wishing House and the fight of adopting textbooks.
The official website of Mr. Motohiko Izawa: the famous mystery novelist and critic of media.
Vaccine to Anti-Japan
A blog refuting anti-Japanese views by quoting books in the argued periods. Valuable to see it although it's not updated periodically.

Medieval Japanese History and Japanology

Ancient Shintoism and Japanology
The website of Mr. FT-C. For his experience on the time he studied in USA, he show opinions about Korean-Japanese relations.
Scholar Space
A blog Mr. Kotarou Suzuki. He discuss the ancient literature and Medieval Japanese History. He has also Japanese Medieval History and Literature, a webboard and Twitter account.
The Chat Corner of Crossroad of Essays of Japan and Opinions
A board by Mr.Katsu-no-Kokichi. It is called the Tiger Board. It belonged to "Crossroad of Essays of Japan and Opinions", the extinct website.
Yamamoto Sichihei Readers Club
A website for reference information, study, and collecting data of Mr. Shichihei Yamamoto: the big essayist of Japanese conservative world.
The official website of Mr. Motohiko Izawa: the famous mystery novelist and critic of media.
Literary Homepage HORAGAI
A website of a literary critic: Kouichi Katou. We can read essays about literature(Kohboh Abe, and so on.) and opinions. It has Horagai Blog, the blog edition.
Mizuya Shrine Home Page
A website introducing a Japanese shrine in Matsuzaka by Prof. Ken-ichi Kubo etc. It has its guardian's blog.
A website of the ancient Japanese history. It has a web board: the Lighthearted Lounge.
Japan Reference
A directory service with forums. You can find many English websites about Japan.

Western History and Western Literature

The Labyrinth of Genealogy
A website about European royal genealogies. It has the Message Board of Genealogy.
The Road from Balt to Aegean Sea
A website about Eastern European history. It has a web board: [From Balt to Aegean Sea Web Board].
Kayoko Fujimori's
Society for the Study of Ayn Rand in Japan
A website for study of Ayn Rand(Born name: Alissa Rosenbaum): A big American libertarian intellectual and novelist. It has the Ayn Rand Web Board.
The official website of Sey-Zan-Sha: the publisher of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series. I hear that it has only two clerks. The translator of them is its president.


Katsuhiro Kohara Online
The website of Associate Prof. Katsuhiro Kohara. We can see the news about Christianity at World Christianity Information in Church and Theology.
The wiki explaining Eastern Orthodox Church. Under the dual lisence: GNU Free Documentation License and cc-by-sa-2.5, you can copy, redistribute, and modify its contents and subproducts freely.
Logos Ministries
A website of the sect causing the belief of the essence of Bible and not of Christianity; spread since the Vietnam War Time: Calvary Chapel. It has the Japanese page and the English page.
The Bridge to Zion: Israel News
A website of mail magazine that digests Israeli newspapers. Reading it, even I, with the Palestine support-feelings, feel Israeli-Palestinian peace hopeless.


Islamic Center Japan
The website of Islam. I cannot find which sect. Sometime one Tunisian purified tried to explain me to convert Islam.(I never want to!) Then he showed me a pamphlet with this name.

English Linguistics

Katsuei Yamagishi's English Dictionary/Education Laboratory
The official website of Prof. Katsuei Yamagishi(Faculty of Languages and Cultures: Department of English of Meikai University). A person on the opposite side against Takahiko Soejima's arguments about English-Japanese dictionary. We can read also conservative columns.
English and Book Review de Kaiba's Door BLOG
KABU's blog. It has a sister blog: Koutaro Matsuo de Kaiba's Door BLOG the FC2 edition.
The website of EDP(Electronic Dictionary Project) by professional interpreters and translators. They produce an electric dictionary with English words on various fields.
Space ALC
It has a web-based English<->Japanese dictionary with Eijiro. You can consult it for Japanese meaning of English words and for English meaning of Japanese words.(Japanese)
weblio Dictionary
The dictionary website where you can seek the words on the specialized dictionaries, Japanese dictionaries, and encyclopedias. I often use English-Japanese / Japanese-English Dictionary.


Unilang Community
A website for people interested in languages and linguistics. People talk about langueges, linguistics, literature, culture, translations, and communications. It has Unilang Wiki, and IRC server.
A social networking site for people interested in languages and linguistics. It has the official IRC channel, too.

Mysteries and Science Fictions

The Perry Mason Case File
The Japanese Episode Guide of the Perry Mason series.
Parnell Hall and his mystery novels
The official website of Parnell Hall, famous for Stanley Hastings series.
Literary Homepage HORAGAI
A website of a literary critic: Kouichi Katou. We can read essays about literature(Kohboh Abe, and so on.) and opinions. It has Horagai Blog, the blog edition.
Mystery Database Aga-Search
A website about mysteries by a Detective Conan fan. It has also Detective Conan Support Site: Kogorou Mouri Detective Office.(Japanese)

Links pages of Arts and Humanities

History Links
A website for searching websites about humanities and about history. It has the History Links Web Board. It has a mail magazine.

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