Minamata Disease in Tokyo Shoseki’s Social Studies Textbook for Grade 5 Volume 2.

I made this picture for refuting dolphin freaks and the Cove.

In Japan, all Japanese people learn Minamata Disease(a Japanese mercury poisoning incident) in public and private primary schools under the Japanese governmental course guidelines and even very poor people learn that fact. People of Taiji, too. So Japanese people couldn’t miss such a mercury poisoning by dolphin meats in Taiji if it were true.

* Tokyo Shoseki’s social study textbooks are about 50% of all. So it’s a standard textbook. And other publishers’ textbooks mention Minamata Disease.

I released the unpermitted archive of Katsuichi Honda Study Group

Katsuichi Honda Study Group ( the released archive ) was a Japanese net circle to research how Katsuichi Honda, a star reporter of the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper has falsified his works among their editions and reprints, from 1999 to 2002.

The first key accusation is that Katsuichi Honda falsified his reports about Combodia’s Khumer Rouge, Pol Pot faction’s mass killing of Cambodians. And the second was that Katsuichi Honda does also “中国の旅” that praised the Cultural Revolution. I introduced the 2nd accusation with the quotes of the raw sources and Dr. Yuushi Nishimura suggested that they found Honda Katsuichi Study Group for Honda’s complicating falsifications. Yoshinori Sasaki, the founder invited me to the group and I’m an original member.

A leftist denying the holocaust joined this group, too but it’s simply for neutrality for the members with any thoughts from right to left. I’m a net conservative who believe the holocaust is true.

The website’s URIs are http://hello.to/hondaken and it redirected to http://www.geocities.co.jp/WallStreet/8442/ About 20 years stop of the group’s action, after the extinct of its mailing list’s log, Geocities ended their service and the websites is only on Internet Archive. Formerly, two other archivers shows the Geocities Japan’s websites but look that they quitted.

I personally ripped some websites on Geocities Japan. But I couldn’t decide to release the log by their author’s rights. But in such a situation, I tried doing that. ( I don’t know how to contact the original admins of Katsuichi Honda Study Group. )

I modified this archive for converting the contents into UTF-8, with putting strikes of its access counter, with changing the links to its top page.

The archive’s URI is https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/hondaken/ and the website is written only in Japanese.

I created many Togetter pages to expose anti-Japanese racists on Twitter recently.

Hate Speech against Japanese History Education

Amie @amesamie6_9 https://togetter.com/li/1911171 A feminist from Bangladesh.
Foto Fidel @fotosbyfidel https://togetter.com/li/2168735 Cuban?
Waverley @Waverley_AX https://togetter.com/li/2170084 British?
mordecai @talking_bluejay https://togetter.com/li/2175278 He looks a Korean.
Roslynn Ang @roslynnang https://togetter.com/li/2178073 She says that she’s from Signapore.

Other hate speech refuted by justiceforjapan, AntiRed, and so on.

BostonMaggie @BostonMaggie https://togetter.com/li/2035487
Leopard on parade @Leopardonbackup https://togetter.com/li/2052448

I created some images to refute anti-Japanese historical denialism of Japanese education.

I created some images to refute anti-Japanese historical denialism of Japanese education. One is a scan of the original Osaka Shoseki’s history textbook’s Lingchi Propaganda Picture.(cf. Links for countering anti-Japanese Hate Speech about History Textbooks) And the other two are made with the scans of Shuueisha’s kids learning manga of Japanese history in WW II. They mean that Japanese history education teach us war crimes. And we, Japanese people refuting the war crimes don’t believe our history education under the government’s course guideline.
Created with GIMP

R.I.P. ex-PM Shinzo Abe

Ex-PM Shinzo Abe got killed yesterday. And I’m really shocked. I wished that he would survice from the shots. But he got killed.
For only 3 years of the 1 term, the assassin worked for our navy. But our mass media emphasize that fact too much. Many feel that his naval work in his history isn’t related to the fact that he could make the gun by hands since our navy’s basic training doesn’t have such a class. We need to know his history after the navy. According to our media, he says that he targetted an officer of a religious group. But I feel his assassination’s real background is still uncertain.
When Shinzo Abe became the LDP president again, the net conservatives held the support campaign for that. And I committed it. He was a hope of Japanese conservatives. He won the most Japanese people’s support of his cabinet. And he was in the Prime Minister position for the longest in the modern Japanese history. He was really a big man both for us, Japanese people and for the international community.

I settled an archive of Whaling Library by Masaaki Ishida.

http://luna.pos.to/whale/ has extinguished since Sep. 2021. And I released Whaling Library Archive, its archive under Masaaki Ishida, the author’s permission. I asked someone if he knows Mr. Ishida directly and that person contacted Mr. Ishida. I thank that person.
The circumstance is like this.

Continue reading I settled an archive of Whaling Library by Masaaki Ishida.

An anti-Japanese hate speech against Japanese history education on a comment thread of Japan Times FB page in 2015

This is a log of the comment thread. I never forgive you about your racial insult that we, Japanese people are not taught WW II history in Japanese education system, Gianni Dibiase and Shawn DuBois! I never permit you to delete your undesired history by doing the comment thread! I captured all and I have text, too. It’s my negative sanction to your false accusation on us of Japanese history education. Continue reading An anti-Japanese hate speech against Japanese history education on a comment thread of Japan Times FB page in 2015