R.I.P. ex-PM Shinzo Abe

Ex-PM Shinzo Abe got killed yesterday. And I’m really shocked. I wished that he would survice from the shots. But he got killed.
For only 3 years of the 1 term, the assassin worked for our navy. But our mass media emphasize that fact too much. Many feel that his naval work in his history isn’t related to the fact that he could make the gun by hands since our navy’s basic training doesn’t have such a class. We need to know his history after the navy. According to our media, he says that he targetted an officer of a religious group. But I feel his assassination’s real background is still uncertain.
When Shinzo Abe became the LDP president again, the net conservatives held the support campaign for that. And I committed it. He was a hope of Japanese conservatives. He won the most Japanese people’s support of his cabinet. And he was in the Prime Minister position for the longest in the modern Japanese history. He was really a big man both for us, Japanese people and for the international community.

I settled an archive of Whaling Library by Masaaki Ishida.

http://luna.pos.to/whale/ has extinguished since Sep. 2021. And I released Whaling Library Archive, its archive under Masaaki Ishida, the author’s permission. I asked someone if he knows Mr. Ishida directly and that person contacted Mr. Ishida. I thank that person.
The circumstance is like this.

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An anti-Japanese hate speech against Japanese history education on a comment thread of Japan Times FB page in 2015

This is a log of the comment thread. I never forgive you about your racial insult that we, Japanese people are not taught WW II history in Japanese education system, Gianni Dibiase and Shawn DuBois! I never permit you to delete your undesired history by doing the comment thread! I captured all and I have text, too. It’s my negative sanction to your false accusation on us of Japanese history education. Continue reading An anti-Japanese hate speech against Japanese history education on a comment thread of Japan Times FB page in 2015

My Twitter Account is locked now.

The leftists’ oppression of speech on BigTech appears very problematic. And I feel oppressed on Facebook Now my tweets are reported and my account is locked.

I think that is by a certain Japanese anti-whaling leftistic activist. But for my refutation on leftistic tree on Twitter, it’s possible also by others.

Additon at 11:03 20 Feb. 2021

The lock is finished by deleting the reported 3 tweets. I don’t really take them for wrong. But I feel it little possible that Twitter listens to my objections.

All the results of emmanuelchanel.com are deleted from Bing Search, too.

After I registered emmanuelchanel.com , my newly gotten domain name to Bing, all the results of emmanuelchanel.com are deleted from Bing Search, too. Although my motivity of getting my own domain name is not only for this problem, I really feel bad. I want Bing to show its reason.

Found that Bing deleted all pages under emmanuelc.dix.asia from the search results.

All pages under emmanuelc.dix.asia , my home server site are deleted from the search results of Bing and by its results, we cannot find my websites by DuckDuckGo using Bing’s search index.
Seeing this, I unpublished some entries.
Title: Bingで「一部の検索結果が削除されました」の対処方法は記事の削除です
Translation: “Some results have been removed” at Bing: Its Coping Method is Deletion of the Article.
I found that by searching my entry to expose a dolphin freak whom I refute. And at first, I thought that the search result deletion was a censorship against it. But it’s not certain how it is actually.

Addition at 15.47

Found that the search results of all dix.asia are removed, too. So now it’s possible that another person’s problem influences, too.

I made a Japanese website based on toripan1111’s blog about whaling

toripan1111 is a big Japanese web activist for whaling and one of my mentors of this issue. He has a blog on Yahoo! Japan Blog service. And the service is going to end on 15 Dec. 2019. So the blog will be extinct. So I ripped the blog. And with the blog author’s permission, I made this Japanese website: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/toripan1111/
You can search its pages by keywords on Search about the Issue of Whaling at Yahoo! Japan Message Board Archive since the website’s contents are strongly linked to its topics about whaling.

Japan withdraws from International Whaling Commission

I found this news on Twitter. I saw someone shares Japan to withdraw from IWC to resume commercial whaling: sources as a post of Stop Sea Shepherd Violence! group on Facebook and I shared the same link on 20 Dec. 2018.

IWC is settled for sustainable whaling. It’s the aim of International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

Having decided to conclude a convention to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry;

(Quote of International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling)

But they violate our rights of whaling itself against the contract. Anti-whaling countries including Australia and activists including Green Peace insult our scientific whaling for not scientific in spite of the fact that we show various scientific papers to IWC’s Scientific Committee. Anti-whaling foreigners don’t try to know the aim of IWC but they lie about the laws including the convention, about scientific facts including the estimates of whale populations. We cannot help that situation. So we, Japan need to withdraw from it.