Green Peace Japan Stole Whale Flesh (15 May, 2008)

I’m involved in reading blog articles and posts on 2ch about that issue and I haven’t written any entries about it. Sea Shepherd and Green Peace are anti-whaling terrorists. (And Australia that helps Sea Shepherd is a supporter of terrorism.)

I’ve raised my motivation of writing this entry with seeing 不買運動始めました!相手はピープル・ツリー! – 松尾光太郎 de 海馬之玄関BLOG – Yahoo!ブログ (We Started Boycott Movement! Against People Tree! – Kotaro Matsuo de Kaiba’s Door BLOG), a reprint of 不買運動始めました!相手はピープル・ツリー! – あなたが斬らないで誰が斬るの!お姉さんも一緒に斬るからね! – Yahoo!ブログ by JODY, introducing で、ホントのところはどーなのよ、今の日本の捕鯨って | サフィア・ミニー NGOグローバル・ヴィレッジ/ピープルツリー代表 (And… To Be Honest, How Is the Now Japanese Whaling | Safia Minney The Representative of Founder of NGO Global Village / People Tree. ). I want to explain the theft by commenting Safia’s.
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