I moved my archive of “Shinkansen than TGV”.

“Shinkansen than TGV” (TGVより新幹線) is a series of threads of the Korea Forum @ 2ch, about Shinkansen (bullet trains), TGV, and high speed railway systems, with critics of the Korean situation. Formerly, Mr. mod5 keeps the past threads into his archive of them but it stopped many years ago. So I do that into Emmanuel Chanel Museum instead of him.
Many weeks ago, I found that the most of the past threads on that website not shown correctly. It’s a problem of the server’s setting on its free hosting service but it hasn’t been corrected for a long time. So I moved it to https://emmanuelchanel.com/~emmanuel/ temporarily.

I Put “Gofukakusain-Nijou” (後深草院二条) instead of “Japanese Medieval History Archives” (日本中世史アーカイヴズ)

Mr. Kotarou Suzuki has Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条), a website for Japanese medieval history. And recently, its webboard was called Japanese History Archives Web Board (日本中世史アーカイヴズ掲示板) for his union with Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ). But his trouble with one historian, the website is closed. So I put Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条) instead of Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ).