Suspect X’s Devotion (Yougisha X no Kenshin, 容疑者 X の献身)

I watched Suspect X’s Devotion (Yougisha X no Kenshin, 容疑者 X の献身), a movie of mystery. It’s based on the novel with that title by Keigo Higashino (東野圭吾). Manabu Yukawa (湯川学), the hero of that movie is an associate of physics in Teito University (Teito Daigaku, 帝都大学) and he solves many occultic cases by scientific analysis, by a police detective’s questions. The series of cases is called Tantei Galileo (Detective Galileo, 探偵ガリレオ) on novels and Galileo (ガリレオ) on TV.(The movie is shown as a sequel of the drama version.) Galileo is the nickname of the hero.

On the whole series, the actors of the cases are shown in trailors and in first of each episodes. The points of mysteries are how the phenomenons happnen or what are the tricks. Not usual as mysteries, thoese cases are with more or less too advanced science and technology for usual people. So psysicians can solve the problems in story. That’s the concept of the series. (On the drama verison, the hero lists many formulas when he solved the mysteries but it doesn’t make sense for solving the problems.) On that movies, we know who are the actors, too. The problem is what the trick is, too. I couldn’t find the answer till the end.