Emmanuel Chanel is just a nick. Keep it confidential if you know my real name! I’m pure Japanese.
This blog is going to work as a small update diary of my website and I wish that I could show also my 2 cents of some issues on it. I try to write all the contents in English. But I don’t have the habit to keep diary. So it’s very hard.
I’m a conservative Japanese and I sometimes flame up about some issues. I’ve written some entries on a nucleus system before installing this blog. But I don’t know how to recover them on this blog. So I haven’t entered any logs.

If you have a trouble with posting your comments on this blog, try using or The Final Reserve Webboard !

Contact Info:
Email: emmanuelchanel@gmail.com
Facebook: Emmanuel Chanel
Twitter: @Emmanuel_Chanel
Instagram: @emmanuelchaneljp

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