I installed Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE 64bit after two 8GB memories on 5 Jun, 2014

I installed two 8GB memories as the addition to the 8GB memory since I use the desktop PC heavily. I use Linux Mint that doesn’t require so much memory, though. After that, I installed Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE 64bit. It got quite faster with 24GB memory. But its CPU cooler is gone. So I couldn’t post this entry till now. (Now I’ve installed a new cooler. And the situation looks stable.)
When I installed Linux Mint 16, about its ibus, I said:

At first, like switching off ibus, I did ibus to alphanumeric mode with the key of switching input software. (the default key is [Super] + ) but looks that it’s set for us to use [全角/半角](Zenkaku_Hankaku) key. But as he points, ibus doesn’t show the status whether alphanumeric or Kanji.

But on the ibus of Linux Mint 17, I can see that status on the cursol when I push [全角/半角](Zenkaku_Hankaku) key.