I updated the BIOS of my PCs with GIGABYTE GA-MA69G-S3H to enable them to virtualize with AMD-V on 17 Dec.

When I installed VirtualBox in the Fedora 13 era of my Ubuntu 10.10 PC, I found the PC unable to virtualize on AMD-V. But I found that I can do that with the BIOS update. So I updated the bios both on my Ubuntu 10.10 PC and on my Windows XP PC. (Those PCs has GIGABYTE GA-MA69G-S3H.)

I saw the Japanese page about it of GIGABYTE Technology. For seeing the manual on paper, I printed it out.

  1. I downloaded BIOS F7 on GIGABYTE – Motherboard – Socket AM2 – GA-MA69G-S3H (rev. 1.0)
  2. Execute the file to extract.
  3. On my Windows XP PC, I formatted a floppy disk(diskette) for the DOS/V filesystem.
  4. Copy gama69gs3h.f7 to the diskette.
  5. Reboot the PC. Press [TAB] key and make sure that the BIOS’s version is old. Mine was F4 or so.
  6. Reboot the PC and press [DEL] key. After that, seeing BIOS setup, select “Load Optimized Default” and make it load. And “Save & Exit”(I don’t remember if I do that. But it’s necessary as far as I know.).
  7. Reboot the PC and press [DEL] key. After that, seeing BIOS setup, press [F8] for Q-Flash.
  8. Select “Update the BIOS from Drive” and press [Enter] key.
  9. Select “Floppy” and put the cursol on the BIOS file. Press [Enter] and the PC asks me if I’m sure to update the BIOS. [Enter] to continue.
  10. When it completed, press a certain key and returning to the Q-Flash menu, press [ESC].
  11. On the manual, [Enter] for “Are you sure to RESET?”. But I’m not sure if I did.
  12. I got enabled to virtualize with AMD-V on the new BIOS.

I newly installed Debian 6.0 squeeze on Fujitsu FMV 6200 T5 on 14 Dec and on 15 Dec

The installation to the FMV 6200 T5, a very old PC with Pentium Pro 200MHz, 64MB memory cost much more labour than usual. I tried to install Debian 6.0 squeeze with Debian 6.0 squeeze di-beta2-i386 CD 1 since I had burnt it for my router/server PC’s bootloader trouble. And it doesn’t let me partition LVM(Logical Volume Manager) volumes. di-beta2-i386 netinst CD, neither. (I haven’t examined di-beta2-i386 businesscard) After all, I used 3 floppy disks (diskettes) for the installation with its hdd-installer made on 27 Nov. 2010.

When I tried the CD1 and the netinst CD, partman, the partitioning software on Debian installer doesn’t load LVM support or Encrypted File System support for insufficient memory. In the former case, I found the debug console’s line like “partman: insufficient memory to support LVM…”(Not quote. I haven’t record the log.). I wanted to use LVM. So it is a problem that the partman doesn’t load LVM support.

The FMV has become almost too old even for Debian.

* Mr. Kenshi Muto (武藤健志) and Mr. Yasuhiro Araki (荒木靖宏) of Debian JP project helped me find the problem on the official IRC channel. Thank you very much, Mr. Kenshi Muto and Mr. Yasuhiro Araki.

* I don’t have a USB memory. And my Ubuntu 10.10 PC cannot write anything to diskettes on its floppy disk drive by an error. (The old versions of linux can. I don’t know what the bug is.) So I wrote these diskette images by rawwrtxp.exe on Windows XP.

The 2 diskettes of BG Rescue
It’s a 2FD linux distribution, enabling the FMV to connect my LAN, to set the boot partition for the hdd-installer, and download the installer.
The 1 diskette of GRUB
I saw GRUB 起動ディスク(GRUB kidou disk, GRUB boot disk). I wrote grub-0.97-i386-pc.ext2fs on the diskette. You can download the grub on http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grub/. BG Rescue includes LILO but I didn’t know that.

I updated this server from Debian 5.0 lenny to Debian 6.0 squeeze.

Although better to wait for the stable release of Debian 6.0 squeeze, I updated the operating system of this server.

Unable to install grub on lenny, I had to edit /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf for lilo can read. The edit is like this. (cf. 4.1.6. Prepare initramfs for LILO.)


< MODULES=most


But the upgrade is succeeded across the board with seeing the Japanese version of Chapter 4. Upgrades from previous releases, although I’m impressed these points.

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Oh… I made an entry hard to understand?…

About this entry, some people pointed that my English is bad and that the entry is hard to read.

Kaens on #kokusai-international @ IRC@2ch comments:

12月 02 10:58:44 Kaens any language is made of a pretty limited number of ways you phrase things

12月 02 10:59:05 Kaens the rest just don’t work or sound awkward


12月 02 11:06:48 Kaens i just stumble again and again over the unexpected grammar and end up slipping over whole phrases :S

I can expect that I would have some problems with my English skill. But I seldom expect a response like “I don’t understand”…

I screamed “The leak of Koan’s secret information of terrorism is leaked” on the Japanese web. And I made the Japanese text first. After that, I started to translate it into English, by editing the original Japanese. Probably, my bad translation skill makes the English text hard to understand…

In the aim of showing foreigners my opinions, it would be better to correct the bad parts of the entry. But I hesitate to correct them since it’s about the leak of the agents’ identities.