I installed Linux Mint 16 Petra MATE 64bit Edition on 08, Dec. 2013

The analog sound part got disabled after the first installation. So with a panic for that, I installed it again. (Now the state is stable.)
One big issue, common with Ubuntu 13.10 is the big change of ibus. (See Ikuya Awashiro’s Ubuntu Weekly Recipe 第296回 Ubuntu 13.10と日本語入力) At first, like switching off ibus, I did ibus to alphanumeric mode with the key of switching input software. (the default key is [Super] + ) but looks that it’s set for us to use [全角/半角](Zenkaku_Hankaku) key. But as he points, ibus doesn’t show the status whether alphanumeric or Kanji. In addition, the abolishment of ibus’s language panel makes it harder to input Japanese from the X server of Windows PC on another room.