I moved my subdomain name from chanel.ath.cx to emmanulc.yuuna.org

About 18 May, I have an account of DynDNS.com and I used its free wildcard service for virtual hosts like www.chanel.ath.cx , forums.chanel.ath.cx , and so on. But it became paid service. I don’t know if I could kept using it for free with keeping the account. I lost the account once and I re-registered. And I found that. So I got a free Dynamic DNS account of another site. My subdomain name of this is emmanuelc.yuuna.org and changed my websites on my own server’s URIs.

The new URIs are these:
This blog (English home): http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/
My Japanese blog: http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/ja/
My Forum http://forums.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/
Links http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/links/
The Archive of Rather Shinkansen than TGV & Taiwan Shinkansen http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/~emmanuel/
Yahoo! Japan Message Board’s Archive http://yarchive.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/
The archive of my abolished Japanese board http://popup.tok2.com/home/chanel/legrandsalon/

I have Image-Uploadable Reserve Webboard, another Japanese board on a free hosting service for the case that this server got down.

I changes the design of my links page and so on a bit and maintained it in passing.

I updated Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel (my links page), the Archive of Le Grand Salon d’Angelix (my abolished Japanese webboard’s archive), Image-Uploadable Reserve Board on Emmanuel Chanel Museum, etc by changing their designs to make it convenient to visit my other pages.
Checking the links of Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel in passing, I fixed its dead links, with deleting or with changing linking URIs. At this time, I deleted also the link to Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club closed by the author’s cancel of publishing permission.