I accuse Spellweav on #israel , EFnet of too bad anti-Japanese behavior

EFnet is an Internet Relay Chat network. And I’ve visited #israel for a long time.
Spellweav: You want just to justify your anti-Japanese racism. You don’t try to know anything. So you don’t debate but you call me monkey, dogs, and so on.
I refuted you about some of our crimes including the Nanjing Massacre and Comfort Women repeatedly. But you don’t learn anything from it. If you are smart enough, you would’ve observed what we, Japanese deniers cause and analyse it. But you cannot but label me a revisionist. Rather your behavior is revisionistic. In addition, you, only one made my impression about Israel very bad although many of Israeli wouldn’t be interested in Japan.
I pasted the log of yesterday, 21 May. 2012. Hepcat isn’t Spellweav.(Added for An Cat Dubh’s comment: Hepcat is a Russian, as far as I’ve chatted.) But he/she joined our argument. And he/she label Japan a revisionistic country. If you want to say so, prove it, Hepcat!
To debate Japan in the WW II, the important fact is that some authorized historians or experts of the related fields don’t necessarily agree that Japan did planed genocides like the holocaust or that Japan in WW II was a fascist country. The Nanjing Massacre isn’t a planed genocide at least. So even Tokyo Tribunal couldn’t sentence guilty for that. About fascism of Japan, Prof. Christopher Thorne estimated that it’s rather nationalist China to be a fascist in Asia.(“Issue of War”) Comfort Women? The first class sources point out that it’s false. If you want to refute, read the American first class sources! Spellweav says that he read all sources. But he wouldn’t have read those first class English sources. So I estimate him revisionistic. (About mass killing in WW II, see also 20th Century Democide)
And such people don’t try to know Japanese history textbooks. If I took them for absolutely right, I wouldn’t refute any Japanese war crimes anywhere. Japanese governments’ inspection system permits them to show those crimes, e.g. Breast-Cutting Cruel Mural. That picture was on a textbook for elementary students. (Now that picture isn’t shown since the way of introducing the picture is one of anti-Japanese fabrication.) Many conservative Japanese people feel that some important crimes are false accusations. Spellweav and Hepcat look to believe that I’m a typical Japanese. But if I were typical, I wouldn’t have refuted. I’ve showed that page to Spellweav before but he hasn’t apologized that he was wrong about Japanese historical views. Probably, his rasictic mentality keeps him from doing that.
Anti-Japanese views aren’t forbidden on #israel . And I know that many would take my historical view for revisionistic. If they are debatable, I won’t be angry. But undebatable people like Spellweav are unforgiven. I don’t know if he is Jewish. Whetherever yes or no, I don’t care. If historical revisionists got happy, it doesn’t change my feeling. I should think my interests and Japan’s interests prior to others including Jewish.
One says that it’s ok for me to expose the log of my argument. But IRC customs forbid us to do that. I have done before when I needed, though.
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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin cleanly.

Although I hate Unity, I’ve decided to continue using Ubuntu Linux. So I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 11.10 PC automatically. It almost succeed. It fails to install grub, the boot loader of linux. In addition, I couldn’t do that with the rescue mode of my alternate CD for the clean installation. So I try the clean installation since /home volume is separated from the system volumes.
Probably, if you use LVM, Logical Volume Manager on your system partitions, the installation of grub fails in other ways than the clean installation. It was the final process. So maybe, there is a solution without this clean installation. But I don’t know. It looks better to install Ubuntu 12.04 cleanly if you use LVM by the installation with alternate CD.

I tried putting some social bookmark buttons with WP-Social-Bookmarking-Light.

After I got @Emmanuel_Chanel, an account of Twitter, I’ve got a bit interested in social bookmark buttons. So I put the buttons with WP-Social-Bookmarking-Light, a plugin for social bookmarks, found by Google. That plugin has also the buttons of mixi and of grow! but I haven’t since I don’t have their API keys.
I don’t know how many new visitors it would make by that since my text of the blogs aren’t very good.

I got an account of Twitter on 1 May, 2012, yesterday.

The Twitter ID is @Emmanuel_Chanel .
I got to know the name of Twitter by seeing うかつメディア(The medium of carelessness), estimating that Twitter is medium for careless postings. Impressed by that entry, I couldn’t have registered an account for a long time although I take the best place of tweets, posting short phrases for Twitter. But my entries of the update history aren’t good text. So it may be better to post those short phrase on microblogs like Twitter.
The reason why I registered is that I see many people interested in the issue of whaling use Twitter. And I took it for more convenient to get an account.