I added some links of OPACs and so on to my links page yesterday.

Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel is my links page. It’s one of my oldest web pages.

The forum sites for 2ch cluster

  1. 2ch.sc(I added it to the exlanation of 2ch.)
    Hiroyuki, the founder of 2ch has been kicked out for 6 months and founded 2ch.sc instead. Since 2ch is one of the biggest Japanese forum site, everyone Japanese knows that event.
  2. open 2ch is an alternative website of 2ch, founded by satoru, a web creator. All the posting on its forums are licensed under public domain. Many people of 2ch moved to it since 2ch has forbidden them to copy the posts on some of its forums, by changing their forum rule. I got to know in same period as 2ch.sc founded. But I haven’t add the link on the links page.

Open Public Access Catalogs

  1. National Diet Library
    It has National Diet Library Online Public Access Catalog and NDL Search, an OPAC of libraries in Japan.
  2. Books.or.jp [Search Books]
    The search engine of Japan Book Publishers Association.
  3. Japanese Dealers in Old Books
    The web shop of Japanese Association of Dealers in Old Books and of Tokyo Association of Dealers in Old Book.
  4. Bibliophil Home Page
    A personal website of a bibliophil. It has links pages including
    Old Books Information General Links.
  5. National Institute for Informatics
    It has CiNii Articles, a search engine for Japanese scientific articles and essays and CiNii Books, one for university libraries.