An anti-Japanese hate speech against Japanese history education on a comment thread of Japan Times FB page in 2015

This is a log of the comment thread. I never forgive you about your racial insult that we, Japanese people are not taught WW II history in Japanese education system, Gianni Dibiase and Shawn DuBois! I never permit you to delete your undesired history by doing the comment thread! I captured all and I have text, too. It’s my negative sanction to your false accusation on us of Japanese history education.

Gianni Dibiase I feel Japanese people need to be more educated about history in general and about what’s going on outside Japan nowadays. The bubble they live in makes them look ignorant and detached from the rest of humanity.

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Gianni Dibiase You are missing my point.

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Gianni Dibiase ..and exactly what I said, ignorant, detached and I would add arrogant!

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Gianni Dibiase LOL cowards too, the lady that attacked me deleted her comment.

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Machio Machida We should learn what’s kind of history? The history which is made by American or western? Chinese? or Korean? Thailand? It is completely different by the ponint of view.

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Gianni Dibiase Abroad we learn about it, why can’t you?

December 23, 2015 at 3:02am

Shawn DuBois Machio Machida History made by Thailand? You do realize that Thailand fought with Japan during World War 2? If you didn’t know that then yes maybe you should learn some history.

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Machio Machida Oh, I do for my fun. But you don’t know what Japanese learn the history in schools. I think you just believed media said.

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Machio Machida have you read japanese history textbook?

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Gianni Dibiase Yes, I have. From Jomon/Yayoi until Heisei.

December 23, 2015 at 3:27am

Midian Hasida 3,5 years under Japanese colonization is much more painful rather than 350 years under the Dutch (said all the elderly citizen in my country). I believe they know the history better than the both of us(or the media).

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Shawn DuBois I have also, I read my wife’s high school history books when we lived in Shizuoka. I’m not hating on Japan at all but the fact is the last two or three generations of Japanese students were never taught the reality of Japan’s role in World War 2.

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Machio Machida Shawn DuBois

A textbook of which publishing company is it did you read? what’ s the reality is missing in WW2?

December 23, 2015 at 3:42am

Machio Machida Midian Hasida Is it in Indonesia? I like to read that. If you can tell me the link of that, please, let me know.

December 23, 2015 at 3:51am · Edited

Shawn DuBois Really, you want me to remember the publishing company of a Japanese text book I read 20 years ago? Is that really the best you can do? Have you ever read a Japanese high school history book? How much was written about Japan’s role in the war? do you remember? Have you ever taken the time to speak with Japanese World War 2 vets and listened to their stories?

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Machio Machida Gianni Dibiase What’s makes unbelievable about the book and which textbook is that. I have a most of major textbooks in Japan.

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Shawn DuBois You have . all those history text books and yet you still didn’t know Thailand Was friends with Japan and supported her. And you still don’t understand what else could be missing from the history books. Funny.

December 23, 2015 at 4:03am · Edited

Machio Machida Many media are blaming Japanese history education recently. I buy many history textbooks for the inspection.

December 23, 2015 at 4:07am

Machio Machida You don’t know that Thailand’s history textbook for sure.

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Machio Machida What’s is missing? Anyway.

December 23, 2015 at 4:11am

Shawn DuBois really why don’t you take a picture of some and post them so we can see them? It’s not just recently that the text books have been talked about because of their lack of information. Funny how you can’t answer a single question that asked of you. Is that because you’re of crap and don’t really have any idea what your talking about. Really let’s see some pictures, I know there will be an excuse wonder how good it will be.

December 23, 2015 at 4:14am

Shawn DuBois Why are you talking about Thailands history book? WTH does that have to do with Japan’s history books? Why do I need to know their history textbook to know who they fought with?

December 23, 2015 at 4:17am

Machio Machida Ok, and what’s missing in Japanese textbook? It’s so funny. What’s missing in Japanese textbook? Answer me. Or may be just your impression. I’ll concern if there is missing point in Japanese history book.

December 23, 2015 at 4:28am

Gianni Dibiase Lol Machio, please keep collecting gadgets. You surely are a pro at that.

December 23, 2015 at 4:28am

Machio Machida Thank you, Gianni Dibiase. I just started to study the history. My knowledge is high school level. I really want to know what was happened.

December 23, 2015 at 4:39am

Gianni Dibiase There you go. Classic example…

December 23, 2015 at 5:02am

Machio Machida Thank you for typcal reply.

December 23, 2015 at 5:14am

Emmanuel Chanel Shawn DuBois:

Till now, I haven’t found provable “perjury” in you yet. But looks that you cannot check history textbooks well.

There were one inspected primary school history textbook with this picture and one inspected middle school textbook with this. The picture was deleted because of unreliability. Don’t you know that?

Which publisher is very critical information to inspect what you see. It’s unrefutably a correct cross-examination.

In Japan, the government of Japan buy the inspected textbooks to each pupils. So her textbooks were up-to-date under the inspection system. I’ve already found that the inspected history textbooks mention Nanjing Massacre and so on. But seeing your behavior now, you wouldn’t check them.

>really why don’t you take a picture of some and post them so we can see them?

I did although the copy rights problem keeps me from continuing it. Shall I show Tokyo Shoseki’s history textbook for grade 6 part 1, for example? I can check all those inspected textbooks in a university library. So can you in Shizuoka University. But looks that you are too lazy to check them.



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Terry F Myers Thank you for the update. From talking with a few survivors whom I happened to meet, there were many great atrocities besides Nanjing in China, for example in China experiments in horrible germ warfare by dropping candy infected with diseases and also, cruel treatment of occupied country’s nationals.

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Emmanuel Chanel Terry F Myers Huh? You clicked Like! to my post only by seeing the picture? How stupid. It’s southern Chinese students army’s propaganda picture and not based on the fact. In the hidden area, it says the author is 広西学生軍 although the original picture was taken in North China. So you show your ignorance by mistaking me for your ally or so.

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Hiroshi Nakamura(中村 宏) Unfortunately, my country Japan never tought us what we did in WWII. This was exactly our Emperer implied us. As being pround of a Japanese, I’m NOT ashamed of our history but ahamed of the current attitude, trying to manipulate the history.

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Shawn DuBois Hiroshi Nakamura Well said.

December 23, 2015 at 8:01am

Mélissa Katanda most people are ignorant about what’s going on in the world, it’s not just a Japanese problem. Most Americans can’t even tell you how many countries there are in African, they don’t even know that it’s a continent and they think there’s a language called African or Nigerian lol, some Europeans are a little bit better educated but they only stretch so far, when I lived in Canada, my cousins in Congo asked I didn’t visit my family in Vancouver enough since we were in the same country now, I had to explain to them that New Brunswick was not next door. I’ve lived in enough country to know that most education system stay very narrow minded, as long as people aren’t taught to be racist, the ignorance can be dealt with…

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Emmanuel Chanel Hiroshi Nakamura:

Which Japanese school in which universe, huh? I showed the significant case refuting “Unfortunately, my country Japan never tought us what we did in WWII.” But you ignored.

And Shawn DuBois:

You becomes accomplice of his false accusation by saying “Well said”. It shows your real color.

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Shawn DuBois What false accusation did he make? You have proven nothing with your little link, I would trust someone who grew in Japan and went to school there vs. some link you found, it’s not everything on the internet is true, I really feel bad I shouldn’t get into debates on here with someone who has a learning disability.

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Emmanuel Chanel Shawn DuBois:

I’m a Japanese man going to Japanese schools. According to his profile, he didn’t go to Japanese schools for these 30 years at least. But I was a pupil from 1984, at that era. So I testify that Hiroshi Nakamura is false.

Oh, you declare that you delete the history that I show various sources on those links, huh?

>I really feel bad I shouldn’t get into debates on here with someone who has a learning disability.

LoL! Do you mean that you have learning disability huh? You deleted even the official sources shown on the linked pages. Shall I call you a revisionist for allies, huh?

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Emmanuel Chanel You refused to learn what

is by saying ” You have proven nothing with your little link”. You deleted your inconvenient history.



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Emmanuel Chanel Shawn DuBois:

Now I’ve sent you the pictures of Tokyo Shoseki’s Grade 6 Social Study Textbook showing WW II history with referring Nanjing Massacre. I took them by myself. Not a net info. Do you continue your denialism of Japanese education history, huh?

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Aoi Komori Excuse me. Please read it, Mr. DuBois.

“Divided Memories: History Textbooks and the Wars in Asia”

Divided Memories: History Textbooks and the Wars in Asia

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Gianni Dibiase Mélissa Katanda we are not talking about America here.

December 23, 2015 at 10:24am

Emmanuel Chanel Shawn DuBois:

>but the fact is the last two or three generations of Japanese students were never taught the reality of Japan’s role in World War 2.

I take that part for hate speech against us, Japan now. You declared that you ignore even the official sources shown on the web page and my blog entries that I linked. You are trying to delete your inconvenient fact shown by us. It leads me to conclude that. I’m thinking of posting a blog entry about this thread. I’ve captured all your replies. So you cannot run away from me without apologizing your false accusation to all Japanese people.

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Shawn DuBois Please explain what it is you mean by hate speech? you are Japanese?

December 23, 2015 at 10:54am

Emmanuel Chanel LoL Shawn DuBois blocks me with saying:

>Shawn DuBois Please explain what it is you mean by hate speech? you are Japanese?

Is he try to deceive the readers as if he succeeds to refute me? I showed the capture of Tokyo Shoseki’s inspected history textbooks, used for 6th grade via message. The textbook was inspected in 2010 and not used from school year 2015, though.

He ignored the sources on the links to my blog entries. This link is a personal page of someone. But the picture is shown on Osaka Shoseki’s grade 6 social study textbook teaching history. And Nippon Bunkyou Shuppan put to their middle school history textbook in the past. It was a big scandal around 1999.(So it wasn’t just a net information to me since I’ve seen the argument about it on some published books and magazines.) He ignores that fact or pretend not to know.

If we believed the accusation of us about WW II, it’s clear that Shawn DuBois, Hiroshi Nakamura, and so on on this post hold a false accusation on Japan about history education.



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Machio Machida Many people think the way of Japanese teaching a history education in Japan is wrong. Of course, there is not perfect so I try to ask what is wrong with it. But the most of them just believe what media said that’s why they cannot refer to details. The funniest things is many Japanese believed that too like 中村 宏. I don’t know why they love to made up fascinating BS about Japan. I wish them to stop BSing and Just say “I’m hate Japanese!” It is much more easy to understand. I don’t need to refer that is good advice or jsut another boring “Mr. Westerners’ refinement tought to savage.”

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Tess Manaoat Padlan I love Japan that’s all I can say Merry Christmas to all nomore arguing

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Emmanuel Chanel Corrections:

>But I was a pupil from 1984, at that era.

1978 + 6 = 1984. But I should calculate 1978 + 7. So 1985.

>It was a big scandal around 1999

Correctly, around 1997. I showed that picture on Prof. Nobukatsu Fujioka’s book in an English class in 1997. Yeah, I couldn’t show the exact year from my memory correctly.

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[ Source Image: FTP / HTTP , captured on ]

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