I tried installing Dokuwiki.

Although my internet sites itself don’t have many viewers, I tried settling 反日問題・反捕鯨問題・その他, a Japanese wiki site with Dokuwiki for talking about anti-Japanese hate speech, about anti-whaling propaganda, and about the other issues discussed on Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel, my forum.

You can edit the wiki contents by registering an account on the forum.

I created Links for Countering Anti-Japanese Hate Speech about History Textbooks

I created the Japanese page named Links for Countering Anti-Japanese Hate Speech about History Textbooks inside Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel on 20 January.(the Japanese entry) And I made its English version on 23 March. The page is to refute anti-Japanese propaganda, historical revisionism, and historical denialism: the cause that Japanese history textbooks don’t mention our undesired history.
A significant number of people say that Japanese historical education denies undesired history. They throw that word to us, Japanese people who refute Comfort Women, Nanjing Massacre, the wars of aggression, and so on. But they don’t know anything that Japanese education system teaches actually. And they don’t try to know. So it’s no problem to take such words for hate speech.
On the page, I show how to investigate our history textbooks for primary schools and for middle schools on the page. So it’s very useful if you seriously want to know what Japanese textbooks say.
Main Link: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/links/historytextbookshatespeech.html
English: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/links/historytextbookshatespeech.html.en
Japanese: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/links/historytextbookshatespeech.html.ja

An ALT in Tanabe City copied stereotypical false accusation against Japanese education system.

Mike Rhodes(FB account) is an American living in Tanabe City, Wakayama, Japan. He is a private English teacher and he attends some extraordinary English classes for Shinjo Middle School as an Assistant Language Teacher. (He testified that he teaches English in a public middle school there. But those English-speaking teachers don’t teach English or so in ordinary classes of public schools in our education system. English-speakers can become ALTs without knowing English grammar well.) He started the argument with this. (It’s the comments on the post of Prime Minister’s Office of Japan FB page. So the emphases are put by me.) Continue reading An ALT in Tanabe City copied stereotypical false accusation against Japanese education system.

I uploaded the photography of Minamata Disease part of the society textbooks for 5th grade and the Nanjing Incident part of ones for 6th grade

I uploaded the photography of Minamata Disease part of the society textbooks for 5th grade and the Nanjing Incident part of ones for 6th grade to ftp://ftp.emmanuelc.dix.asia/inspected_textbooks/2010/ Those textbooks are inspected in 2010 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. The inspection of primary school textbooks this time is done in 2014, last year. It would be good to transcript those textbooks with making the album here but now I put the raw data on FTP. And I’ve deleted their EXIF information.
Those pictures mean that primary schools under Japanese public education law teach Minamata Disease and Nanjing Massacre. We, Japanese people are not against teaching the former. And we argue much about the latter. Anyway, all of us learn them. If we blindly believe our textbooks or if we take the inspection for absolute, few on the net would refute Nanjing Massacre.

Added on 29 Nov 2015
I deleted that photos from my anonymous FTP site on 26 Nov 2015. I found it problematic on copy rights…

I accuse Spellweav on #israel , EFnet of too bad anti-Japanese behavior

EFnet is an Internet Relay Chat network. And I’ve visited #israel for a long time.
Spellweav: You want just to justify your anti-Japanese racism. You don’t try to know anything. So you don’t debate but you call me monkey, dogs, and so on.
I refuted you about some of our crimes including the Nanjing Massacre and Comfort Women repeatedly. But you don’t learn anything from it. If you are smart enough, you would’ve observed what we, Japanese deniers cause and analyse it. But you cannot but label me a revisionist. Rather your behavior is revisionistic. In addition, you, only one made my impression about Israel very bad although many of Israeli wouldn’t be interested in Japan.
I pasted the log of yesterday, 21 May. 2012. Hepcat isn’t Spellweav.(Added for An Cat Dubh’s comment: Hepcat is a Russian, as far as I’ve chatted.) But he/she joined our argument. And he/she label Japan a revisionistic country. If you want to say so, prove it, Hepcat!
To debate Japan in the WW II, the important fact is that some authorized historians or experts of the related fields don’t necessarily agree that Japan did planed genocides like the holocaust or that Japan in WW II was a fascist country. The Nanjing Massacre isn’t a planed genocide at least. So even Tokyo Tribunal couldn’t sentence guilty for that. About fascism of Japan, Prof. Christopher Thorne estimated that it’s rather nationalist China to be a fascist in Asia.(“Issue of War”) Comfort Women? The first class sources point out that it’s false. If you want to refute, read the American first class sources! Spellweav says that he read all sources. But he wouldn’t have read those first class English sources. So I estimate him revisionistic. (About mass killing in WW II, see also 20th Century Democide)
And such people don’t try to know Japanese history textbooks. If I took them for absolutely right, I wouldn’t refute any Japanese war crimes anywhere. Japanese governments’ inspection system permits them to show those crimes, e.g. Breast-Cutting Cruel Mural. That picture was on a textbook for elementary students. (Now that picture isn’t shown since the way of introducing the picture is one of anti-Japanese fabrication.) Many conservative Japanese people feel that some important crimes are false accusations. Spellweav and Hepcat look to believe that I’m a typical Japanese. But if I were typical, I wouldn’t have refuted. I’ve showed that page to Spellweav before but he hasn’t apologized that he was wrong about Japanese historical views. Probably, his rasictic mentality keeps him from doing that.
Anti-Japanese views aren’t forbidden on #israel . And I know that many would take my historical view for revisionistic. If they are debatable, I won’t be angry. But undebatable people like Spellweav are unforgiven. I don’t know if he is Jewish. Whetherever yes or no, I don’t care. If historical revisionists got happy, it doesn’t change my feeling. I should think my interests and Japan’s interests prior to others including Jewish.
One says that it’s ok for me to expose the log of my argument. But IRC customs forbid us to do that. I have done before when I needed, though.
Continue reading I accuse Spellweav on #israel , EFnet of too bad anti-Japanese behavior

You are very ignorant of the Comfort Woman problem, capone70.

Mr. Tony Marano aka Texas Daddy posted a video about our post-war compensation around Korean Comfort Women on PropagandaBuster channel of YouTube.
He has told people to move to another video if they want to discuss if the forcible prostitution of Comfort Women is true. So when I found capone70’s comments of that point and that he accuses Japan of Comfort Woman by some cases, I hesitated to refute on it even with writing text for doing his/her comments on it and the point of forcible prostitution.
I feel him very ignorant of the points of our refutation. And we need to refute him on PB’s video. So I post this entry instead of posing a comment on his video.
Continue reading You are very ignorant of the Comfort Woman problem, capone70.

I fix up the links to branches of Society for History Textbook Reform(Tsukuru-kai).

Actually, on 18 Dec., one week before the second last entry, Momotarou Web Board is moved and I fixed the link on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel. It’s because Kidd Communications, the CGI forums rental service of the web board and we realize that late. But The Web Board for (Sakurako’s) Supporting History Textbook Reform still exists and I wonder why. And… I felt like fixed up the links to the branches on my links page.
The method is to check the links on Tsukuru-kai’s links page and I find many dead links on it, showing downhill of Tsukuru-kai‘s movement.

I Added Some Links to Some Blogs and Some Related Websites on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel.

I added all websites on Emmanuel Chanel’s Favorite RSS (Hereinafter, I call it Favorite RSS) of Iza!, the news website and Sankei Shimbun’s Official Blog Community but not linked from Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel (The links page of this website. Hereinafter, I call it the Links Page.).
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反日ワクチン (Hannichi Wakuchin, Vaccine to Anti-Japan) and its last entries about F Kikan and India

反日ワクチン (Hannichi Wakuchin, Vaccine to Anti-Japan) is a blog refuting anti-Japanese views by quoting books of people living in the argued periods. Valuable to see it although it’s not updated from the last entry on 29 Jul. 2008, with announcing that it stopped in the summer. It’s a blog but its content can be a stable website since it’s not basically a diary. I’ve alreday known it for a long time but I didn’t link it to my links page for a long time. Now I added.

The last entries are quotes of F機関—インド独立に賭けた大本営参謀の記録 (F Kikan-Indo Dokuritsu ni Kaketa Daihon’ei Sambou no Kiroku , “F Kikan – The Record of a Staff of Imperial Genearl Headquarters, Mortgaging for Indian Independence”, maybe, the English version is this link.) by Lt.-Gen. Iwaichi Fujiwara, lieutenant general of Japan Ground Self Defence Force and former lieutenant colonel of Imperial Japanese Army. He turned around the world in WW II as the learder of F Kikan. His organ persuaded Indian soldiers of British Indian Army to support Japan and Indian independence, as Indian National Army. Those operations feared Britain so much that its Director of Criminal Investigation of Malaya or so on said “Your operations are really glorious success.” or so on to Fujirawa, himself after the war. (I haven’t read the English source directly. So I cannot tell the exact phrase.) Although we got defeated both at the Imphal Campaign and at the war itself, Britain lost British Indian Army after the war. Indian National Congress (Mahatoma Gandhi’s ruling party of India after the independence.) supported INA soldiers after the war, with saying that Indian people have right of resistance against the Empress of India (= Queen of Britain). Indian people resisted for INA soldiers. And two years after the war, India got independence.

In Japan, some say that we didn’t fight against India because we always recognize that British Indian Army is army of Britain. Technically, it would be wrong that we didn’t fight against India but it’s natural to feel that. In addition, we, Japanese conservatives know Indian National Army. Nobody hide that India can be called a player of UN but that fact doesn’t appear much. You can say that India fought for United Nations but also that Indians were the biggest ally of Japan

I Put “Gofukakusain-Nijou” (後深草院二条) instead of “Japanese Medieval History Archives” (日本中世史アーカイヴズ)

Mr. Kotarou Suzuki has Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条), a website for Japanese medieval history. And recently, its webboard was called Japanese History Archives Web Board (日本中世史アーカイヴズ掲示板) for his union with Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ). But his trouble with one historian, the website is closed. So I put Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条) instead of Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ).