Yesterday or so, I added “Sincere Lee’s Blog” and “Taiwan is Japan’s Lifeline!” to “Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel”.

I had added those two to Emmanuel Chanel’s Favorite RSS@Iza! a while before but not done to Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel, my links page. So I’ve done this time.
Sincere Lee’s Blog is a Korean dentist’s Japanese blog that I got to know on Korea Watching. He shows the Korean situation.
Taiwan is Japan’s Lifeline!, I got to know on the News Flash + Forum or the East Asia News + Forum of 2ch, the biggest Japanese anonymous forum.(I forgot which forum.) The explanation of the website is like what the blog says.

Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club Links the Revived

I deleted all the contents of Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club, a website with essays of Mr. Kita-no-Ookami, by his cancel of my publishment. But the links page is my own content and out of his cancel. In addition, I’m impressed that one on Funny Puncu School estimated the links page convenient. So I felt it good for people there to use the links page in convenience but I hesitated to upload it because of my trouble with Mr. Kita-no-Ookami.
But now I don’t have no ways to get his permission to bring back the whole website. But I’m happy if thoese people use the links page… So I uploaded Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club Links the Revived.

I changed the link of “Sammyadd’s Makeshift Record” to one of “Administration of the History of Failures”

Mr. Sammyadd had a website named “Sammyadd’s Makeshift Record” with “Outrageous Books Detection Kit”. But the website extinguished by the end of Rakuten‘s free hosting service. So I changed the linked website from that to Administration of the History of Failures, his blog.
I asked if he would bring back his home page by mail but I haven’t received his replies. Maybe he’s busy. Seeing the whole net, he is lost and unable to communicate.