I released the unpermitted archive of Katsuichi Honda Study Group

Katsuichi Honda Study Group ( the released archive ) was a Japanese net circle to research how Katsuichi Honda, a star reporter of the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper has falsified his works among their editions and reprints, from 1999 to 2002.

The first key accusation is that Katsuichi Honda falsified his reports about Combodia’s Khumer Rouge, Pol Pot faction’s mass killing of Cambodians. And the second was that Katsuichi Honda does also “中国の旅” that praised the Cultural Revolution. I introduced the 2nd accusation with the quotes of the raw sources and Dr. Yuushi Nishimura suggested that they found Honda Katsuichi Study Group for Honda’s complicating falsifications. Yoshinori Sasaki, the founder invited me to the group and I’m an original member.

A leftist denying the holocaust joined this group, too but it’s simply for neutrality for the members with any thoughts from right to left. I’m a net conservative who believe the holocaust is true.

The website’s URIs are http://hello.to/hondaken and it redirected to http://www.geocities.co.jp/WallStreet/8442/ About 20 years stop of the group’s action, after the extinct of its mailing list’s log, Geocities ended their service and the websites is only on Internet Archive. Formerly, two other archivers shows the Geocities Japan’s websites but look that they quitted.

I personally ripped some websites on Geocities Japan. But I couldn’t decide to release the log by their author’s rights. But in such a situation, I tried doing that. ( I don’t know how to contact the original admins of Katsuichi Honda Study Group. )

I modified this archive for converting the contents into UTF-8, with putting strikes of its access counter, with changing the links to its top page.

The archive’s URI is https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/hondaken/ and the website is written only in Japanese.

I settled an archive of Whaling Library by Masaaki Ishida.

http://luna.pos.to/whale/ has extinguished since Sep. 2021. And I released Whaling Library Archive, its archive under Masaaki Ishida, the author’s permission. I asked someone if he knows Mr. Ishida directly and that person contacted Mr. Ishida. I thank that person.
The circumstance is like this.

Continue reading I settled an archive of Whaling Library by Masaaki Ishida.

All the results of emmanuelchanel.com are deleted from Bing Search, too.

After I registered emmanuelchanel.com , my newly gotten domain name to Bing, all the results of emmanuelchanel.com are deleted from Bing Search, too. Although my motivity of getting my own domain name is not only for this problem, I really feel bad. I want Bing to show its reason.

Found that Bing deleted all pages under emmanuelc.dix.asia from the search results.

All pages under emmanuelc.dix.asia , my home server site are deleted from the search results of Bing and by its results, we cannot find my websites by DuckDuckGo using Bing’s search index.
Seeing this, I unpublished some entries.
Title: Bingで「一部の検索結果が削除されました」の対処方法は記事の削除です
Translation: “Some results have been removed” at Bing: Its Coping Method is Deletion of the Article.
I found that by searching my entry to expose a dolphin freak whom I refute. And at first, I thought that the search result deletion was a censorship against it. But it’s not certain how it is actually.

Addition at 15.47

Found that the search results of all dix.asia are removed, too. So now it’s possible that another person’s problem influences, too.

I tried installing Dokuwiki.

Although my internet sites itself don’t have many viewers, I tried settling 反日問題・反捕鯨問題・その他, a Japanese wiki site with Dokuwiki for talking about anti-Japanese hate speech, about anti-whaling propaganda, and about the other issues discussed on Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel, my forum.

You can edit the wiki contents by registering an account on the forum.

I registered Let’s Encrypt.

For a long time, I wished that I could have used the SSL certificates. But I didn’t know https://letsencrypt.org/, issuing free SSL/TLS certificates. till someone taught me on a certain chat. I thought of waiting for the release of the ACME v2 on 27 Feb. 2018 since it has the wildcard certificates function. But I registered it on 04 Jan. 2018 after all. The release of ACME v2 was delayed.
So as you could see, except some, my websites had already got encrypted by SSL. And today, I installed the wildcard certificate since ACME v2 has been released.

The renewal of Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel, my links page.

I maintain Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel, my links page for a long time. And it got very heavy. I think that my links collection is convenient if it were much lighter. In addition, smart phones are very popular devices. So I feel such heavy page wouldn’t be good since the smart phone users would have severe limitations of the ammount of transferred data. So I moved the old heavy main page to Edition 1.

And for the long history of the links page, it shows very old generation of the net communities. Especially so about the websites about opinions. So I want the renewal of its opinions section, too. So the opnions section is named Opinions & Social Science Season 1

Especially, Edition 1 is very heavy. But on this renewal, I made all those pages on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel be mobile friendly by Google’s Page Speed Insights.