I tried installing Dokuwiki.

Although my internet sites itself don’t have many viewers, I tried settling 反日問題・反捕鯨問題・その他, a Japanese wiki site with Dokuwiki for talking about anti-Japanese hate speech, about anti-whaling propaganda, and about the other issues discussed on Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel, my forum.

You can edit the wiki contents by registering an account on the forum.

Green Peace Japan Stole Whale Flesh (15 May, 2008)

I’m involved in reading blog articles and posts on 2ch about that issue and I haven’t written any entries about it. Sea Shepherd and Green Peace are anti-whaling terrorists. (And Australia that helps Sea Shepherd is a supporter of terrorism.)

I’ve raised my motivation of writing this entry with seeing 不買運動始めました!相手はピープル・ツリー! – 松尾光太郎 de 海馬之玄関BLOG – Yahoo!ブログ (We Started Boycott Movement! Against People Tree! – Kotaro Matsuo de Kaiba’s Door BLOG), a reprint of 不買運動始めました!相手はピープル・ツリー! – あなたが斬らないで誰が斬るの!お姉さんも一緒に斬るからね! – Yahoo!ブログ by JODY, introducing で、ホントのところはどーなのよ、今の日本の捕鯨って | サフィア・ミニー NGOグローバル・ヴィレッジ/ピープルツリー代表 (And… To Be Honest, How Is the Now Japanese Whaling | Safia Minney The Representative of Founder of NGO Global Village / People Tree. ). I want to explain the theft by commenting Safia’s.
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