I created many Togetter pages to expose anti-Japanese racists on Twitter recently.

Hate Speech against Japanese History Education

Amie @amesamie6_9 https://togetter.com/li/1911171 A feminist from Bangladesh.
Foto Fidel @fotosbyfidel https://togetter.com/li/2168735 Cuban?
Waverley @Waverley_AX https://togetter.com/li/2170084 British?
mordecai @talking_bluejay https://togetter.com/li/2175278 He looks a Korean.
Roslynn Ang @roslynnang https://togetter.com/li/2178073 She says that she’s from Signapore.

Other hate speech refuted by justiceforjapan, AntiRed, and so on.

BostonMaggie @BostonMaggie https://togetter.com/li/2035487
Leopard on parade @Leopardonbackup https://togetter.com/li/2052448

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