I watch 007 Quantum of Solace

It’s the sequel of 007 Casino Royale, the former work of the 007 movie series by EON Productions.
When the screenplay is started, I wondered if I entered a wrong room since the start scene isn’t the gun shooting scene on the head of the movies before Casino Royale. I found the room correct when I see the car chase by Daniel Craig. The gun shooting scene is brought to the end, instead of the bed scene with the Bond girl that is not shown on that movie. I felt that the series is renewed with going back the typical. And Jewish names like Greene and White of some enemies were appearing, too.
On the original novel of Casino Royale, Vesper’s lover is a pilot of British Air Force but on the movie, he’s French and refferred also on Quantom of Solace. On the renewed part from Casino Royale, the theme of 007 will be the fight against Quantom, the criminal organization permeating also MI6, CIA, and so on, being continued to the next movie.

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