I moved my subdomain name from chanel.ath.cx to emmanulc.yuuna.org

About 18 May, I have an account of DynDNS.com and I used its free wildcard service for virtual hosts like www.chanel.ath.cx , forums.chanel.ath.cx , and so on. But it became paid service. I don’t know if I could kept using it for free with keeping the account. I lost the account once and I re-registered. And I found that. So I got a free Dynamic DNS account of another site. My subdomain name of this is emmanuelc.yuuna.org and changed my websites on my own server’s URIs.

The new URIs are these:
This blog (English home): http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/
My Japanese blog: http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/ja/
My Forum http://forums.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/
Links http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/links/
The Archive of Rather Shinkansen than TGV & Taiwan Shinkansen http://www.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/~emmanuel/
Yahoo! Japan Message Board’s Archive http://yarchive.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/
The archive of my abolished Japanese board http://popup.tok2.com/home/chanel/legrandsalon/

I have Image-Uploadable Reserve Webboard, another Japanese board on a free hosting service for the case that this server got down.

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