Making a category of Ubuntu Linux, I link the websites related to that.

Ubuntu Linux is the most popular Linux distribution for the desktop, based on Debian unstable(sid). I had been interested in Ubuntu Linux for a long time, to install Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat on 11 Oct., 2010 but I haven’t linked the related websites on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel, my links page.

I linked the websites with their explanations below.

Ubuntu homepage | Ubuntu
The official website of Ubuntu Linux, the most popular linux distribution nowadays for easy installation, distributed as live CDs. It has a wiki for support.
Ubuntu Forums
The official English forum of Ubuntu Linux.
Ubuntu Europe
The Europe community of Ubuntu Linux. They record the logs of the official channels including #ubuntu and #ubuntu-jp , the Japanese channel on FreeNode, an IRC network.
Home | Ubuntu Japanese Team
The Japanese community of Ubuntu Linux. They distribute their own packages for Japanese on their own repository and the Japanese Remix CD with the packages. You can get supports on its forum. And there’s also a wiki for built-up information.

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