Oh… I made an entry hard to understand?…

About this entry, some people pointed that my English is bad and that the entry is hard to read.

Kaens on #kokusai-international @ IRC@2ch comments:

12月 02 10:58:44 Kaens any language is made of a pretty limited number of ways you phrase things

12月 02 10:59:05 Kaens the rest just don’t work or sound awkward


12月 02 11:06:48 Kaens i just stumble again and again over the unexpected grammar and end up slipping over whole phrases :S

I can expect that I would have some problems with my English skill. But I seldom expect a response like “I don’t understand”…

I screamed “The leak of Koan’s secret information of terrorism is leaked” on the Japanese web. And I made the Japanese text first. After that, I started to translate it into English, by editing the original Japanese. Probably, my bad translation skill makes the English text hard to understand…

In the aim of showing foreigners my opinions, it would be better to correct the bad parts of the entry. But I hesitate to correct them since it’s about the leak of the agents’ identities.

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