I updated my links page for the end of the free hosting service of Rakuten’s Cool Online and of the free web board service of livedoor’s OTD.

Since I had a website named Underground University on Cool Online of Rakuten, I got their mail for quiting the service. (I decided to let my website on it extinguish.) So I could care soon. But I didn’t know that OTD’s service would end since they didn’t send me such a mail. I got to know OTD’s end by seeing that “Genious Fool Web Board” extinguished.

So I updated my links pages: Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel and Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club Links the Revived.

About Cool Online, I changed the link of “Education Ombudsman Association Home Page” to Education Ombudsman Association Diary. And I’m watching the forums of two extinct websites: Crossroad of Essays of Japan and Opinions and Garakame Addiction, for seeing where they go.(So I put strike tags to them.) That website is by a friend of mine on Japanese opinions web. But he hasn’t answered me when I asked him on his forum. And the administrator of this website isn’t.

About OTD,I got surprised that the web boards of Genious Fool Bang by Midnight-Run on OTD extinguished suddenly. livedoor announced that they will quit their service one year ago. But I didn’t know that. Neither did Midnight-Run. So he wrote [Gee, my Web Boards Extinguished!]([やばい・・・、掲示板が消えちゃった!]).

About this Genious Fool Bang, I decided to show Sweatly Biting 🙂 Genious Fool Board! as Midnight-Run’s home page.

* On his “Genious Fool Web Board”, 苹(Hyou) had posted many texts about Japanese Calligraphy and scripts. To be honest, I’m not good at that. But his pace of writing is suitable for keeping a blog. So I recommended Hyou to keep a blog. But I hear that he won’t keep a blog but posts texts on another web board.

The others of OTD’s web boards were “Japanese Way Griddle” of Society for History Textbook Reform: Tokyo Branch and FACTS of Research and Analysis and I simply deleted them from my links pages.

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