I accuse Spellweav on #israel , EFnet of too bad anti-Japanese behavior

EFnet is an Internet Relay Chat network. And I’ve visited #israel for a long time.
Spellweav: You want just to justify your anti-Japanese racism. You don’t try to know anything. So you don’t debate but you call me monkey, dogs, and so on.
I refuted you about some of our crimes including the Nanjing Massacre and Comfort Women repeatedly. But you don’t learn anything from it. If you are smart enough, you would’ve observed what we, Japanese deniers cause and analyse it. But you cannot but label me a revisionist. Rather your behavior is revisionistic. In addition, you, only one made my impression about Israel very bad although many of Israeli wouldn’t be interested in Japan.
I pasted the log of yesterday, 21 May. 2012. Hepcat isn’t Spellweav.(Added for An Cat Dubh’s comment: Hepcat is a Russian, as far as I’ve chatted.) But he/she joined our argument. And he/she label Japan a revisionistic country. If you want to say so, prove it, Hepcat!
To debate Japan in the WW II, the important fact is that some authorized historians or experts of the related fields don’t necessarily agree that Japan did planed genocides like the holocaust or that Japan in WW II was a fascist country. The Nanjing Massacre isn’t a planed genocide at least. So even Tokyo Tribunal couldn’t sentence guilty for that. About fascism of Japan, Prof. Christopher Thorne estimated that it’s rather nationalist China to be a fascist in Asia.(“Issue of War”) Comfort Women? The first class sources point out that it’s false. If you want to refute, read the American first class sources! Spellweav says that he read all sources. But he wouldn’t have read those first class English sources. So I estimate him revisionistic. (About mass killing in WW II, see also 20th Century Democide)
And such people don’t try to know Japanese history textbooks. If I took them for absolutely right, I wouldn’t refute any Japanese war crimes anywhere. Japanese governments’ inspection system permits them to show those crimes, e.g. Breast-Cutting Cruel Mural. That picture was on a textbook for elementary students. (Now that picture isn’t shown since the way of introducing the picture is one of anti-Japanese fabrication.) Many conservative Japanese people feel that some important crimes are false accusations. Spellweav and Hepcat look to believe that I’m a typical Japanese. But if I were typical, I wouldn’t have refuted. I’ve showed that page to Spellweav before but he hasn’t apologized that he was wrong about Japanese historical views. Probably, his rasictic mentality keeps him from doing that.
Anti-Japanese views aren’t forbidden on #israel . And I know that many would take my historical view for revisionistic. If they are debatable, I won’t be angry. But undebatable people like Spellweav are unforgiven. I don’t know if he is Jewish. Whetherever yes or no, I don’t care. If historical revisionists got happy, it doesn’t change my feeling. I should think my interests and Japan’s interests prior to others including Jewish.
One says that it’s ok for me to expose the log of my argument. But IRC customs forbid us to do that. I have done before when I needed, though.

5月 21 09:45:31 * Spellweav (~IceChat77@host86-184-215-208.range86-184.btcentralplus.com) has joined #israel
5月 21 10:07:18 EmmanuelC Hello!
5月 21 10:11:38 EmmanuelC Spellweav: What history study did you learn in the university, huh? Japan in WW II had an election. It’s also listed in Wikipedia. But you don’t even try to know. There were Korean representatives with Korean names in Japanese diet. But you don’t even try to know. You cannot laughter revisionists since your behavior isn’t different from them. You can’t debate.
5月 21 10:12:47 EmmanuelC Oh… study of philosophy doesn’t teach you how to debate historical stuff?
5月 21 10:13:31 Spellweav look..a talking monkey! quick..get a camera!
5月 21 10:13:54 EmmanuelC Oh… it’s rather you, huh.
5月 21 10:13:58 Spellweav EmmanuelC is the a talking monkey sama spouting bullshit! we can sell it !
5月 21 10:14:35 EmmanuelC Oh… I’ve already pointed out what is your wrong behavior. But you don’t. You don’t know even how to debate, heh.
5月 21 10:14:55 EmmanuelC Or do you mean that you accept the fact that you are too stupid to debate?
5月 21 10:14:58 EmmanuelC lol
5月 21 10:15:12 Spellweav as if I’ll waste my time talking to someone like you..might as well go to an insane asylum and debate the inmates 🙂
5月 21 10:15:35 EmmanuelC I’m perfect. And you are crazy.
5月 21 10:15:47 Spellweav once japan makes the right reparations for its imperialist crimes we’ll talk..jap dog
5月 21 10:15:59 Hepcat looks like some mental fight move to here from another place
5月 21 10:16:03 Hepcat *moved
5月 21 10:16:17 Spellweav nah.. EmmanuelC is a revisionist who denies the crimes of japan during ww2
5月 21 10:16:27 Spellweav he comes in here from time to time to troll
5月 21 10:16:29 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Well, it’s Spellweav that do that first.
5月 21 10:16:48 Spellweav Hepcat you’re a russian right?
5月 21 10:16:51 EmmanuelC Spellweav: It’s the problem of your behavior and not mine.
5月 21 10:17:00 Hepcat absolutely true
5月 21 10:17:12 EmmanuelC What do you mean by “denies the crimes of japan”, huh?
5月 21 10:17:15 Hepcat Ive seen EmmanuelC on rusnet irc network
5月 21 10:17:29 * Dov waves to cM0ss
5月 21 10:17:34 EmmanuelC We have right and duty to refute false accusations.
5月 21 10:17:38 EmmanuelC It’s simple.
5月 21 10:18:00 Spellweav you have the right to eat shit and enjoy your nuclear fallout
5月 21 10:18:11 Hepcat EmmanuelC when you see ta4o on bulgaria dalnet, tell him he is gay pedo http://pastebin.com/zq5e6s7G
5月 21 10:18:18 EmmanuelC wholesale massacre, huh? If so, Mr. Sadaharu Oh wouldn’t have lived now.
5月 21 10:18:29 Spellweav Hepcat EmmanuelC thinks the kuril islands belong to japan 🙂
5月 21 10:18:35 Spellweav what do you think about that Hepcat?
5月 21 10:19:00 EmmanuelC Yes. And what’s wrong? You wouldn’t know how to debate that stuff.
5月 21 10:19:15 EmmanuelC But you want to insult Japan. So you say that it’s wrong. If I were wrong, prove that!
5月 21 10:19:24 Spellweav I don’t know how to debate with a gibbering puddle of fetid shit
5月 21 10:19:35 Hepcat they are russian, if I not mystake
5月 21 10:19:43 Hepcat and produce canned fish
5月 21 10:19:45 Spellweav they are indeed russian
5月 21 10:19:48 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You don’t know how to debate with refuters, huh.
5月 21 10:20:05 Spellweav EmmanuelC you can bitch all day long
5月 21 10:20:17 Spellweav but until you repay for your crimes..especially for the comfort women of korea
5月 21 10:20:20 Spellweav you have no say
5月 21 10:20:33 Hepcat EmmanuelC why does that gay pedo ta4o bans me on bulgaria dalnet
5月 21 10:20:38 Hepcat and nobody stops him?
5月 21 10:20:44 EmmanuelC Spellweav: It’s by your ignorance.
5月 21 10:20:51 Spellweav you were seriously beaten in ww2 but I see that you were not beaten enough
5月 21 10:21:11 EmmanuelC Spellweav: If you could followed debates in Japan, you would find the accusers accept that the denial is right.
5月 21 10:21:13 Spellweav imperialist, nationalist shits
5月 21 10:21:24 Spellweav cry some more
5月 21 10:21:28 EmmanuelC Spellweav: But your dishonest behavior don’t let you know.
5月 21 10:21:39 Hepcat I will ask putin to gift you 1 island
5月 21 10:21:43 Spellweav heh
5月 21 10:21:45 EmmanuelC Imperialism? What do you mean by that, huh?
5月 21 10:21:48 Hepcat if you unban me on bulgartia dalnet
5月 21 10:22:04 * enometh (stereos@ has left #israel (..)
5月 21 10:22:06 EmmanuelC You only labeled me a bad image. No more meaning is there.
5月 21 10:22:06 Spellweav yes..putin will give japan a pebble in the sea
5月 21 10:22:22 Hepcat or tell Ta4o that he is h0mo and pedophille http://pastebin.com/zq5e6s7G
5月 21 10:22:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 38
5月 21 10:22:51 EmmanuelC If you want to accuse Japan of compulsory prostitution of Comfort Women, why don’t you read even US sources?
5月 21 10:22:55 Spellweav I won’t waste my time actually talking to a sub human revisionist..all I will do is taunt you 🙂
5月 21 10:23:07 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You are insane against Japan. And I’m not insane.
5月 21 10:23:11 Spellweav I’ve already read all the evidence in question
* He lies. If yes, he wouldn’t say that the victims testimonies are absolute.
5月 21 10:23:19 Spellweav your guilt is crystal clear
5月 21 10:23:27 Spellweav you have yet to have made reparations
5月 21 10:23:29 EmmanuelC Spellweav: Oh… you show your racistic and revisionistic behavior on this talk, heh.
5月 21 10:23:31 Spellweav next time
5月 21 10:23:55 Spellweav the god damned imperial institution was left in place..that left garbage like you with enough room to raise their heads..what a mistake
5月 21 10:23:57 Hepcat japan have some discussions with china about territorry if I not mistake
5月 21 10:23:58 Spellweav well..next time around
5月 21 10:24:09 EmmanuelC Spellweav: If you banned me, I will expose the log of this channel.
5月 21 10:24:22 Spellweav expose it to whom you deluded moron?
5月 21 10:24:39 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Senkaku. But they didn’t cause that it’s theirs till the national resources were found.
5月 21 10:24:42 Spellweav and why would I bother banning you? you’re a funny troll
5月 21 10:25:05 EmmanuelC It’s by your behavior. Responsibility is on you.
5月 21 10:25:13 EmmanuelC But you don’t try to know that.
5月 21 10:25:19 Spellweav oooh…I’m quaking in my boots
5月 21 10:26:07 Hepcat ——> http://pastebin.com/zq5e6s7G 5月 21 10:27:30 Spellweav japan is guilty of crimes against humanty on all fronts
5月 21 10:27:43 Spellweav POW’s , women, genocide
5月 21 10:27:47 Spellweav you name it..you did it
5月 21 10:27:49 EmmanuelC No. “Crimes against humanity” is like crimes like Nazis. War crimes aren’t.
5月 21 10:28:13 EmmanuelC Oh… you don’t know history of the word: “Crimes against humanity”?
5月 21 10:28:23 EmmanuelC Then you are too stupid to research.
5月 21 10:28:24 Spellweav running human experiments
5月 21 10:28:36 EmmanuelC Nobody denies all of Japanese war crimes. Me, neither.
5月 21 10:28:44 Spellweav not only war crimes
5月 21 10:28:48 EmmanuelC But if they are “crimes against humanity” is another point.
5月 21 10:28:50 Spellweav crimes against humanity
5月 21 10:29:06 EmmanuelC What “crimes against humanity”, heh?
5月 21 10:29:32 EmmanuelC human experiments are? Oh… I don’t know that issue. But if it’s true, it’s not crimes against humanity.
5月 21 10:29:52 EmmanuelC Unit 731 didn’t try to extinguish Chinese or so.
5月 21 10:30:03 EmmanuelC Or you say yes? Then prove it!
5月 21 10:30:10 Spellweav the rape of nanjing was perpetrated against civilians, for instance..and the murder of 13 million chinese
5月 21 10:30:28 EmmanuelC Oh… you haven’t read any sources?
5月 21 10:30:28 * Publius has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
5月 21 10:30:33 EmmanuelC Oh… what’s your source, heh?
5月 21 10:30:51 EmmanuelC And the Rape of Nanjing isn’t planed genocide. Furthermore, it’s not crimes against humanity.
5月 21 10:31:18 EmmanuelC But you don’t try to know tha it’s told even by some American historians.
5月 21 10:31:27 Spellweav I’m just going to link you to the experiments
5月 21 10:31:57 EmmanuelC Spellweav: It’s waste of time. I don’t inspect if they are true or deny them blindly.
5月 21 10:32:26 EmmanuelC Spellweav: So it means that I don’t deny all the crimes of Japan. But you missed that fact in the present.
5月 21 10:32:31 EmmanuelC Spellweav: So you are insane.
5月 21 10:32:57 Spellweav unit 731
5月 21 10:32:59 EmmanuelC Oh… if you say that I’m blind about Unit 731, I accept that.
5月 21 10:33:02 Spellweav your piece of human garbage
5月 21 10:33:10 Spellweav death to japan!
5月 21 10:33:30 EmmanuelC death to anti-Japanese insanes like Spellweav !
5月 21 10:33:33 Spellweav those crimes alone justify the erasure of your stinking country
5月 21 10:33:41 Spellweav luckily you were nuked into submission
5月 21 10:33:44 Spellweav but not enough
5月 21 10:33:47 Spellweav not nearly enough
5月 21 10:33:52 EmmanuelC If you are just anti-Japan, I wouldn’t say that you are stupidor so.
5月 21 10:34:11 EmmanuelC No.
5月 21 10:34:22 Spellweav the americans made the mistake of allowing you to continue to exist as a cohesive entity..too bad
5月 21 10:34:37 EmmanuelC Spellweav doesn’t try to know that fascists in Asia was rather Nationalists China than militarist Japan.
5月 21 10:34:50 Spellweav try to shift the blame
5月 21 10:34:52 Spellweav nice try
5月 21 10:34:55 Spellweav won’t work
5月 21 10:35:01 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You just want to justity your anti-Japanese racism, heh.
5月 21 10:35:07 Spellweav you are guilty of everything
5月 21 10:35:11 EmmanuelC No.
5月 21 10:35:14 Spellweav yes
5月 21 10:35:33 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You show that you are too stupid and ignorant to debate, heh.
5月 21 10:35:42 Spellweav part of the axis powers..allied with nazis
5月 21 10:35:52 Spellweav unit 731 performing hideous experiments
5月 21 10:35:53 Spellweav etc
5月 21 10:35:54 EmmanuelC So what? Is that bad thing, huh?
5月 21 10:36:11 * Publius (animemedi@c-71-199-128-44.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #israel
5月 21 10:36:21 EmmanuelC If we were guilty by alliance with Nazis, you are more guilty by the alliance with communists, and Nationalist China.
5月 21 10:36:23 Spellweav genocide, sexual slavery..and imperialist ambitions
5月 21 10:36:36 Spellweav luckily thwarted
5月 21 10:36:44 EmmanuelC imperialist ambitions aren’t crimes. Oh… you lack the legal mind?
5月 21 10:36:48 Hepcat very dangerous and agressive country
5月 21 10:36:57 Spellweav I know Hepcat
5月 21 10:37:02 EmmanuelC sexual slavary is false accuse. But our government hasn’t refuted.
5月 21 10:37:02 Hepcat its good that japan to coward and dont have any good forces nowadays
5月 21 10:37:07 Spellweav they were put in their place once
5月 21 10:37:30 Spellweav I suspect blithering idiots like EmmanuelC are trying to rekindle national pride 🙂
5月 21 10:37:35 Spellweav I hope they manage it
5月 21 10:37:45 Spellweav so they can do something stupid and this time be stomped into the ground for good
5月 21 10:37:46 Hepcat so all they have to do is getting mad when Puotine taking walk throug Kurill islands
5月 21 10:37:53 Spellweav heh
5月 21 10:37:59 Spellweav losers
5月 21 10:38:09 EmmanuelC Hepcat: The holocaust is not by Japan but by Russia.
5月 21 10:38:10 Spellweav they take it out on dolphins and whales nowadays
5月 21 10:38:24 Spellweav on defenseless mammals of the sea
5月 21 10:38:25 Hepcat my grandfather kicked nazzi ass in europe, then kicked japanese from sakhalin and kurilles in 1945
5月 21 10:38:35 Spellweav good job
5月 21 10:39:05 EmmanuelC No justice about Russian rubbing of Kurill Islans.
5月 21 10:39:15 EmmanuelC But Spellweav lacks such knowledge.
5月 21 10:39:29 Spellweav ah..it’s so sweet..to think of the imperialist ambitions of japan were crushed
5月 21 10:39:56 Hepcat he told me, he searched the houses of japaneses there, and if they found any guns, they send japs to hard labour in russia
5月 21 10:39:57 Spellweav indeed..imperialistic ambitions are bad..and speaking of legality..they are defined as crimes in international law
5月 21 10:40:09 EmmanuelC You should think why MacArthur says that Japanese had the war for our defense.
5月 21 10:40:34 Spellweav go make a bamboo spear
5月 21 10:40:37 EmmanuelC Spellweav: No. By what treaty, huh?
5月 21 10:41:14 EmmanuelC I don’t say that all the genocides of Japan are false. Or I haven’t.
5月 21 10:41:21 EmmanuelC But Spellweav can’t understand that.
5月 21 10:41:32 Hepcat japan should pay the prise
5月 21 10:41:47 EmmanuelC Price of what?
5月 21 10:41:54 Hepcat and apologize to china, phillipines and more
5月 21 10:42:09 Hepcat of what they dont in 1937-1945
5月 21 10:42:12 EmmanuelC The responsibility of Japanese war crimes are already paid by peace treaties.
5月 21 10:42:14 Hepcat *done
5月 21 10:42:38 Novartza Instead of learning how to build safe nuclear energy plants, Japan totally shut down all nuclear reactors and iks now without nuclear energy.
5月 21 10:42:40 EmmanuelC It’s already done. But anti-Japanese idiots like Hepcat and Spellweav don’t try to know.
5月 21 10:42:42 Hepcat you have never payd compensation to china and phills
5月 21 10:42:54 EmmanuelC Yes, we did.
5月 21 10:42:58 Spellweav a bad joke..they paid too little..and they haven’t compensated for the comfort women
5月 21 10:43:24 Novartza I want a comfort woman
5月 21 10:43:29 Novartza Can you arrange me one?
5月 21 10:43:34 Hepcat japan always was agressive and expansive
5月 21 10:43:35 Spellweav they haven’t..they murdered 13 million chinese..that should have led the reparations that would have dissolved japan as an economic entity
5月 21 10:43:37 EmmanuelC It’s Korea’s problem. We paid huge money to Korea long time ago. Korea said that their goverment will pay.
5月 21 10:43:53 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Just I’m aggressive.
5月 21 10:44:02 Spellweav Hepcat that’s true..ever since their unification by that monkey nobunaga they’ve been dreaming of world domination 🙂
5月 21 10:44:06 EmmanuelC Spellweav: How did you count 13 million, huh?
5月 21 10:44:07 Hepcat tell it to all you ex-colony
5月 21 10:44:27 Hepcat japan empire was severe to all colonys residents
5月 21 10:44:28 Spellweav EmmanuelC is agressive like a little chihuahua
5月 21 10:44:32 EmmanuelC So what? Nobunaga? What do you think when he lived?
5月 21 10:44:33 Spellweav all noise and no teeth..or brains
5月 21 10:44:49 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You only insulted me.
5月 21 10:44:54 Spellweav ever since japanese unification they’ve been dreaming of conquering china
5月 21 10:45:01 EmmanuelC Spellweav: But you haven’t proven anything.
5月 21 10:45:01 Spellweav they attacked korea about 600 times
5月 21 10:45:16 Spellweav imperialist dogs
5月 21 10:45:30 Novartza Instead of learning how to build safe nuclear energy plants, Japan totally shut down all nuclear reactors and iks now without nuclear energy.
5月 21 10:45:38 Hepcat how good that japan never will be empire again
5月 21 10:45:39 Spellweav it’s too bad that storm came at such a bad time ..too bad the mongols didn’t erase you
5月 21 10:45:41 Novartza Serves them right.
5月 21 10:45:46 Spellweav yeah
5月 21 10:45:46 Hepcat and dont have enough force to agression
5月 21 10:45:47 EmmanuelC Spellweav: All the countries, too. So what?
5月 21 10:45:53 Spellweav serves them right indeed
5月 21 10:46:14 Spellweav the japanese are too afraid of war now..they concentrate all their effort on hentai
5月 21 10:46:25 Spellweav on morbid perversions and sick tv game shows
5月 21 10:46:33 Hepcat If japan would try to put their dirty hands to our Islands, china will be our ally
5月 21 10:46:47 Spellweav japan would be erased in a second
5月 21 10:46:48 EmmanuelC Hepcat: If so, what?
5月 21 10:46:52 Hepcat and japan will suck very hard
5月 21 10:47:15 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You selected other ways than to debate, heh.
5月 21 10:47:17 Spellweav japan..what a joke of a place..an EmmanuelC is the lead clown
5月 21 10:47:37 Spellweav EmmanuelC I told you….you’re a revisionist troll..I won’t honor you with any kind of a debate
5月 21 10:47:45 Spellweav you deserve mockery, taunting and derision
5月 21 10:47:49 Spellweav and that is what you’ll get
5月 21 10:48:21 Spellweav and great mirth will be enjoyed by all those who witness it 🙂
5月 21 10:48:22 EmmanuelC It’s you that trolled me first.
5月 21 10:48:30 Hepcat kurill islands, lots of good fish, nice nature
5月 21 10:48:56 EmmanuelC Hepcat: It doesn’t chane the fact that Russia rubbed Japan of Kurill Islands.
5月 21 10:48:57 Hepcat japan is mad, because these beatifull islands never will belong to them
5月 21 10:48:58 Spellweav and I will troll you as many times as I like
5月 21 10:49:14 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Oh… your teacher teach you so?
5月 21 10:49:17 * enometh (blokes@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has joined #israel
5月 21 10:49:36 EmmanuelC Hepcat: It’s you that started the war against Japan.
5月 21 10:49:52 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Japan didn’t start the war against Japan in WW II.
5月 21 10:49:52 Spellweav until you learn your place, admit your cimes and agree to lobby your worthless government to finish paying the reparations
5月 21 10:50:02 Hepcat its japan started agression against our allys
5月 21 10:50:15 Hepcat you should learn some history befory speaking
5月 21 10:50:23 EmmanuelC Your allies? Oh… you forgot your treaty with Japan, heh.
5月 21 10:50:33 EmmanuelC Hepcat: It’s you that should learn.
5月 21 10:50:36 * Kipi sets channel limit to 40
5月 21 10:50:37 * enometh (blokes@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has left #israel
5月 21 10:50:45 EmmanuelC Hepcat: I feel it better for you to shut up for a while.
5月 21 10:50:55 EmmanuelC Hepcat: You expand issuues of the debate.
5月 21 10:51:09 Spellweav funny talking monkey..he thinks he is issuing or
ders around here
5月 21 10:51:18 Spellweav I know why
5月 21 10:51:28 Spellweav the radioactivity at fukushima has cooked his brain
5月 21 10:51:38 Spellweav now he has delusions of grandeur
5月 21 10:51:56 EmmanuelC If so, I wouldn’t have said same thing long time before the Fukushima.
5月 21 10:52:04 EmmanuelC But Spellweav looks to have a bad memory.
5月 21 10:52:14 Spellweav I’m sure that had you not been cooked you’d have admitted your errors
5月 21 10:52:23 Spellweav you’d have given up and asked us for forgiveness
5月 21 10:52:32 Spellweav but now that you’re cooked..your persist 🙂
5月 21 10:52:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 38
5月 21 10:53:09 Spellweav no one but a total moron or mentally ill person can insist japan is not guilty..it’s laughable
5月 21 10:53:32 EmmanuelC You don’t listen to any counter-facts about your anti-Japanese views. So I’m angry.
5月 21 10:53:44 Spellweav who cares?
5月 21 10:53:51 Spellweav I fart on you and your meaningless anger
5月 21 10:53:57 EmmanuelC If anti-Japanese itself is the problem, I would be angry against Alufa, too.
5月 21 10:54:14 Spellweav your supposed facts are revisionist fabrications
5月 21 10:54:20 Spellweav nationalist propaganda
5月 21 10:54:35 EmmanuelC Oh, yeah. Certainly, meaningless in the sense that you are too stupid to debate.
5月 21 10:54:48 EmmanuelC No.
5月 21 10:55:02 EmmanuelC You haven’t listened to non-propaganda facts.
5月 21 10:55:12 EmmanuelC Spellweav fabricates history.
5月 21 10:55:15 * DocDwarf (docdwarf@panix5.panix.com) has joined #israel
5月 21 10:55:36 EmmanuelC Spellweav: You don’t listen to any refutations even by English-speaking researchers.
5月 21 10:56:02 Spellweav all propaganda revisionism
5月 21 10:56:03 EmmanuelC Spellweav only insults me.
5月 21 10:56:07 Spellweav meaningless and worthless
5月 21 10:56:17 EmmanuelC Rather you have delusions.
5月 21 10:56:33 Spellweav what are you going to do about it? bitch some more?
5月 21 10:56:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 40
5月 21 10:56:50 EmmanuelC What counter-facts correct your view, huh? None.
5月 21 10:57:01 EmmanuelC You only label me a revisionist.
5月 21 10:57:02 * DocDwarf (docdwarf@panix5.panix.com) has left #israel
5月 21 10:57:10 Spellweav show me a wikipedia article that supports your views
5月 21 10:57:32 EmmanuelC Shall I show some?
5月 21 10:58:05 EmmanuelC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_general_el
5月 21 10:58:07 * You have been kicked from #israel by Kipi (Long-Line flo
od! Space-bar is that long key at the bottom of your keyboard.)
**** Mon May 21 10:58:07 2012
**** Mon May 21 10:58:10 2012
5月 21 10:58:10 * Now talking on #israel
5月 21 10:58:10 * Topic for #israel is: GOOD DAY SUNSHINE!!!
5月 21 10:58:10 * Topic for #israel set by Novartza!~novartza@bzq-109-64-2
10-51.red.bezeqint.net at Sun May 20 09:30:05 2012
5月 21 10:58:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 38
5月 21 10:58:37 Spellweav which crimes is that supposed to refute?
5月 21 10:58:52 Hepcat but these fake election dont give you right to our islan
5月 21 10:59:13 EmmanuelC Fake election? We elected anti-Japanese represen
atives then.
5月 21 10:59:38 EmmanuelC Hepcat: I didn’t say that source means that we c
an deny all the crimes or even Nanjing Massacre.
5月 21 10:59:40 Spellweav the article clearly states the elections were meaningless
5月 21 10:59:55 Spellweav citizens were forced to vote
5月 21 11:00:04 Spellweav and the military had complete control
5月 21 11:00:08 Hepcat and kuriles always were russian
5月 21 11:00:09 Spellweav nice job fascist
5月 21 11:00:12 EmmanuelC No.
5月 21 11:00:19 Spellweav I’m convinced now even more than ever
5月 21 11:00:26 Spellweav of your mad fascism
5月 21 11:00:34 EmmanuelC 87 representatives were out of the ruling party.
5月 21 11:00:34 Hepcat japanese occupied south sakhalin in the beginning of 20th century, but then got ass kicked
5月 21 11:00:55 Spellweav that’s right
5月 21 11:00:55 EmmanuelC Hepcat: South Sakhalin isn’t originally Russian territory. You expanded.
5月 21 11:01:23 Spellweav anyhow..it’s later here..time to sleep
5月 21 11:01:26 * Spellweav has quit (Quit: There’s nothing dirtier then a giant ball of oil)
5月 21 11:01:48 Hepcat and kuriles isnt originally japanese, japan killed the aborigenes of kurilles
5月 21 11:01:59 Hepcat because japan is very agressive country
5月 21 11:02:00 EmmanuelC The latter is false.
5月 21 11:02:11 Hepcat and its good that japan week and sucky nowadays
5月 21 11:02:15 EmmanuelC And “because” doesn’t work as “because” on your phrase.
5月 21 11:02:57 Hepcat japan is more severe than nazzi germany
5月 21 11:03:09 EmmanuelC The cause that Kurill Islands are ours is debate of internatinal law and we don’t cause the aborigenes of those islands are Japanese.
5月 21 11:03:34 EmmanuelC No. If so, no historians would say that Japan isn’t fascistic.
5月 21 11:04:06 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Communists have killed much more than Nazis.
5月 21 11:04:18 EmmanuelC I don’t say that Nazis is right, either.
5月 21 11:04:20 Hepcat nobody says that kurill is japanese except japan
5月 21 11:04:38 EmmanuelC nobody? If so, we couldn’t get help from USA anytime.
5月 21 11:04:41 Hepcat because japan is imperialistic and agressive country
5月 21 11:05:08 EmmanuelC It’s the truth only in your brain or traditionalism.
5月 21 11:05:33 EmmanuelC Oh… should I say that imperialism is usual in that era? But you forget shamelessly.
5月 21 11:05:42 Hepcat usa supported japan when cold war was active
5月 21 11:05:46 EmmanuelC You tried to rub Japan of Hokkaido, too.
5月 21 11:05:55 Hepcat but now usa dont give a fuck about japan
5月 21 11:06:17 EmmanuelC You dodge the issue. You said nobody. And I refuted and it’s complete.
5月 21 11:07:32 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Note the reason why I argue about Japan isn’t that anti-Japan is conspiracy of Jews.
5月 21 11:08:04 EmmanuelC Hepcat: By the treaties, you mustn’t invade Kurill Islands.
5月 21 11:08:22 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Now you occupies and rules them. But it doesn’t mean that it’s legal.
5月 21 11:08:56 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Soviet Russia should be neutral by their treaty with us.
5月 21 11:09:09 EmmanuelC Hepcat: But you invaded Kurill Island.
5月 21 11:09:23 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Your talk accept that it’s fact. Do you understand?
5月 21 11:09:25 Hepcat its just a revisionist and post imperislist opinion
5月 21 11:09:54 EmmanuelC Then the revisionists are right and rather you are revisionistic.
5月 21 11:10:14 Hepcat our allys asked us to kick Japanesse ass in 1945
5月 21 11:10:16 Hepcat so we did
5月 21 11:10:25 Hepcat and all we did was well work doin
5月 21 11:11:02 EmmanuelC No. You started the war about our surrendering.
5月 21 11:11:38 Hepcat we helped our allys like they helped us to pwn nazzi germany
5月 21 11:11:41 EmmanuelC You didn’t work.
5月 21 11:12:04 Hepcat my granfather kicked japanese ass by himself
5月 21 11:12:07 EmmanuelC It cannot be appoly to Japan.
5月 21 11:12:16 Hepcat so he kicked hitler and japan
5月 21 11:12:17 EmmanuelC appology
5月 21 11:12:22 Hepcat good work
5月 21 11:12:46 EmmanuelC No. You didn’t work for United Nations by the war against Japan.
5月 21 11:13:02 EmmanuelC You haven’t debated well but only repeat. Worthless.
5月 21 11:13:13 Novartza Yes teacher
5月 21 11:13:20 Novartza Can we now go to play?
5月 21 11:13:26 Novartza =)
5月 21 11:14:00 Hepcat the killer and thief are talking about law
5月 21 11:14:03 Hepcat how funny
5月 21 11:14:14 EmmanuelC It’s you, Russians, heh.
5月 21 11:14:17 Dov “dear prudence:”
5月 21 11:14:23 Hepcat japan is international mugger, same as nazzi germany
5月 21 11:14:38 EmmanuelC And even if I were killer and thief, if I know law, I can.
5月 21 11:14:42 EmmanuelC No.
5月 21 11:14:56 EmmanuelC We haven’t had planed genocide for extinguish other nations.
5月 21 11:15:19 Hepcat japan lose the war, because truth was on the our side
5月 21 11:15:21 EmmanuelC Nazis does? It’s another issue.
5月 21 11:15:30 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Are you a kid?
5月 21 11:16:12 EmmanuelC Hepcat: If the truth is on your side, America wouldn’t take place of Japan’s position in Asia after WW II.
5月 21 11:16:39 EmmanuelC Hepcat: And MacArthur wouldn’t say that our war was for Japan’s defense.
5月 21 11:16:54 Hepcat USA supported japan by words only because of COLD WAR
5月 21 11:16:56 EmmanuelC MacArthur testified so in US Congress.
5月 21 11:17:06 Hepcat its just a cold war
5月 21 11:17:11 EmmanuelC We fought the Cold War before the USA.
5月 21 11:17:11 Hepcat and have no sense
5月 21 11:17:40 Hepcat because everybody understand, that islands are russian, everybody, except japan
5月 21 11:17:55 EmmanuelC Everybody? No.
5月 21 11:17:57 Hepcat because japan is an imperialist, agressive and revisionist country
5月 21 11:18:13 EmmanuelC What do you mean by “revisionist country”, huh?
5月 21 11:18:32 Hepcat they lose the war and want to do some revenge
5月 21 11:18:33 EmmanuelC My opinions are just mine and not of all Japan.
5月 21 11:19:17 EmmanuelC USA has already got our revenge by putting army in Japan for Japan’s defense.
5月 21 11:19:25 Hepcat aaa, you are with japan only when it wins?
5月 21 11:19:36 Hepcat when you see japan sucks you want to stand by yourself
5月 21 11:19:38 Hepcat what a shame
5月 21 11:19:53 EmmanuelC Hepcat: I don’t understand what you mean by “aaa, you are with japan only when it wins?”
5月 21 11:19:55 * Publius has quit (Ping timeout: 630 seconds)
5月 21 11:20:08 Hepcat you see that japan sucks in our discussion
5月 21 11:20:16 EmmanuelC No.
5月 21 11:20:21 Hepcat so you dont want to belong to such a sucky country
5月 21 11:20:26 EmmanuelC I could find that Spellweav is an idiot.
5月 21 11:20:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 36
5月 21 11:21:04 EmmanuelC Spellweav don’t listen to http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/articles/Askew.html even after I need to show essays with peer review.
5月 21 11:21:10 EmmanuelC So Spellweav is dishonest.
5月 21 11:21:41 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Japan is the best for me to live. 😛
5月 21 11:22:14 EmmanuelC Oh… should I say that Spellweav lacks intelligence since he demands Wikiepedia articles?
5月 21 11:22:45 EmmanuelC Hepcat: If you say that Japan is a revisionist country, prove it!
5月 21 11:23:08 EmmanuelC What I say doesn’t help since my opnions is out of Japanese public education system and so on.
5月 21 11:23:21 EmmanuelC But Hepcat doesn’t try to know that.
5月 21 11:23:40 EmmanuelC Hepcat listen only to words against Japan.
5月 21 11:25:19 EmmanuelC If anti-Japanese view itself is sin, I would be angry against the most of this channel including Alufa. It’s the problem of debatability of some anti-Japanese insanes.
5月 21 11:26:12 EmmanuelC Oh.. Hepcat hasn’t refuted that Soviet Russia had a treaty that they should have been neutral about UN’s war against Japan. So he knows, huh?
5月 21 11:27:04 EmmanuelC If Spellweav has right to insult Japan, I have right to refute it. Oh… I shouldn’t because Spellweav is insane?
5月 21 11:27:14 Hepcat russia was not in UN since white fin war
5月 21 11:27:58 EmmanuelC Oh… so you lied that Russia fights against Japan for their allies?
5月 21 11:28:40 Hepcat russia was allies with china, usa, england
5月 21 11:29:09 Hepcat agains nazzi muggers
5月 21 11:30:00 EmmanuelC ok. Anyway, it doesn’t refute the fact that Soviet Russian should’ve been neutral.
5月 21 11:31:22 Dov ping
5月 21 11:31:34 EmmanuelC Hepcat: You haven’t proven that Japan is a revisionist country.
5月 21 11:31:49 EmmanuelC Dov: Hello!
5月 21 11:31:57 Dov hey EmmanuelC
5月 21 11:32:16 EmmanuelC Dov: If Spellweav were debatable, I wouldn’t be so angry as now I am.
5月 21 11:32:28 * Publius (animemedic@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
has joined #israel
5月 21 11:32:35 EmmanuelC Welcome back, Publius!
5月 21 11:32:43 Publius yoooo
5月 21 11:32:50 Dov ‘sorry you are, EmmanuelC – not sure what I can d atm
5月 21 11:32:54 Dov can do atm
5月 21 11:33:49 EmmanuelC That’s ok. Anti-Japanese view isn’t forbidden on this channel. So I look a troll even if Spellweav’s bad behavior is the reason.
5月 21 11:34:47 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Seeing the history after WW II, Nazi is better than Soviet Russia or than both China(nationalist and communist).
5月 21 11:35:45 * enometh (blokes@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has joined #israel
5月 21 11:36:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 38
5月 21 11:38:40 * Pitz has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
5月 21 11:40:16 * Kelly^ has quit (Ping timeout: 504 seconds)
5月 21 11:40:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 36
5月 21 11:40:49 * Kelly^ (~burp@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has joined #israel
5月 21 11:41:23 * Pitz (~madeoff@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has joined #israel
5月 21 11:42:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 38
5月 21 11:52:21 EmmanuelC Hepcat: Are you there?
5月 21 11:53:29 Dov I’m here – heh
5月 21 12:06:50 Novartza EmmanuelC, Spellweav is a troll. All he wantgs is to make you angry.
5月 21 12:08:00 enometh surely EmmanuelC is an experienced countertroll
5月 21 12:08:31 Novartza =)
5月 21 12:08:54 Novartza No he isn’t
5月 21 12:09:04 Novartza He gets mad too easily\
5月 21 12:14:39 EmmanuelC enometh: Well, Novartza is right. I don’t know good ways to respond the trolls…
5月 21 12:17:03 * SColton (arcane@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has joined #israel
5月 21 12:18:35 * Kipi sets channel limit to 40
5月 21 12:19:19 EmmanuelC hi
5月 21 12:20:19 Dov now that’s interesting – trolls? who?
5月 21 12:21:26 enometh is this the love that i been searching for
5月 21 12:21:57 Dov sometimes I wonder that as well
5月 21 12:29:43 EmmanuelC I have a lunch and I’m going out. See you, all!
5月 21 12:39:11 Dov eat well, friend
5月 21 12:40:13 * enometh has quit (Ping timeout: 630 seconds)

2 thoughts on “I accuse Spellweav on #israel , EFnet of too bad anti-Japanese behavior”

  1. 5月 21 10:35:42 Spellweav part of the axis powers..allied with nazis
    5月 21 10:35:52 Spellweav unit 731 performing hideous experiments
    5月 21 10:35:53 Spellweav etc
    5月 21 10:35:54 EmmanuelC So what? Is that bad thing, huh?
    Are you serious? Yes, this is a bad thing. These are the Nazis we’re talking about, racist expansionists lunatics who brought about a world war.
    5月 21 10:36:44 EmmanuelC imperialist ambitions aren’t crimes. Oh… you lack the legal mind?
    Intention to conquer other countries by force are not crimes per se, but actually acting out on them?
    Also, notice that the people you argued with are a handful of Russians who argued with you as such (and were most likely trying to troll you), not Israelis, for whom Japan means anime, weird shit, sushi, yakuza, and some technology or something. Most of them have never even heard of the Nanjing massacre, so stop being an idiot and learn whom to blame. More importantly, there are barely any reliable sources here for anything. Is this how you refute claims and argue intelligently? Seriously?

  2. Hello, An Cat Dubh! Long time no talk!
    >Are you serious?
    Yes. I don’t strongly cause that Japan’s alliance with Nazis is good, though.
    >Yes, this is a bad thing. These are the Nazis we’re talking about, racist expansionists lunatics who brought about a world war.
    I agree. But the most of you don’t consider the communicsts’ much bigger genocides for labeling UK and so on evil. If we take the alliance with evils for one political selection, the alliance with Nazis isn’t a bad thing on that context without double-standarded ways. I pointed out him unthinking by that question.
    >Also, notice that the people you argued with are a handful of Russians who argued with you as such (and were most likely trying to troll you), not Israelis,…
    Right. I didn’t mistake him for Jewish or for Israeli. Even if he were, I don’t know. On that chat, I could’ve found that he is a Russian. And the log on that text, you could do easily. But certainly, I should’ve annotate that before “Continue reading →”.
    >Most of them have never even heard of the Nanjing massacre, so stop being an idiot and learn whom to blame.
    There is prehistory before this log. Anyway, I pointed out two people individually, without totalizing Jewish.
    >More importantly, there are barely any reliable sources here for anything. Is this how you refute claims and argue intelligently? Seriously?
    Certainly, much better to show the reliable sources. Actualy, I’ve read some. But they aren’t near me. And I wanted to write sooner than to remind what I read precisely. Anyway, thanks for your comment.
    About Comfort Women, I posted an entry 5 months ago.

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