I translated a famous copy-and-paste literature about Kindaichi Case Files.

Although I cannot watch the paid channels, I found that ファミリー劇場 shows Kindaichi Case Files. (I wish that I could watch those shows on free channels. But the most of good shows are on the paid channels…) It reminds me of the text on http://2chnull.info/r/rcomic/1301140232/505 . So I translated it for showing a friend on the net.

This is the translation:

Kindachi, the friend recommended for people who want to die

  • When I thought that party only with friends were ok, a friend of mine attacks another friend.
  • My frined of infancy is down with shedding blood.
  • When I go to upstairs because of the water leak in the roof, I found the dead body is soaked in the bath.
  • I fell down with crashing against a superintendent of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department… And… I’m demanded damages after the crash against him.
  • The camp is assaulted by army enthusiasts and all including the bald head, the glassed-man are distroyed with body.
  • I was attacked by the real murderer within 10 meters between the cottage and the point where the treasure is hidden.
  • The 3rd of pupils of Fudo High School have experience of the muder cases.In addition, for the urban legend that the grandchild of the famous detective(Kindaichi) solve the case, “the nearer Kindaichi, the more dangerous you are.”
  • A companion of mine, going out with the word: “Can I stay the place with the murderer?” went back with bloodstained.
  • A companion of mine with going out by boat with the word: “I call for help” returned with stealing the shoes and clothes of my cousin with friendship of infancy.
  • A probablity that you face murder cases within 200 meters from Kindaichi is 150%. It means that you will become a suspect once and that 50% probablity that you become a real murderer.
  • The deaths of the murder cases around Kindaichi are 120 people in 1 season. And the most of them aren’t acquainted with him till the cases.

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