I created Links for Countering Anti-Japanese Hate Speech about History Textbooks

I created the Japanese page named Links for Countering Anti-Japanese Hate Speech about History Textbooks inside Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel on 20 January.(the Japanese entry) And I made its English version on 23 March. The page is to refute anti-Japanese propaganda, historical revisionism, and historical denialism: the cause that Japanese history textbooks don’t mention our undesired history.
A significant number of people say that Japanese historical education denies undesired history. They throw that word to us, Japanese people who refute Comfort Women, Nanjing Massacre, the wars of aggression, and so on. But they don’t know anything that Japanese education system teaches actually. And they don’t try to know. So it’s no problem to take such words for hate speech.
On the page, I show how to investigate our history textbooks for primary schools and for middle schools on the page. So it’s very useful if you seriously want to know what Japanese textbooks say.
Main Link: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/links/historytextbookshatespeech.html
English: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/links/historytextbookshatespeech.html.en
Japanese: https://users.emmanuelc.dix.asia/links/historytextbookshatespeech.html.ja

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