Antarctic Treaty in Japanese children’s books

We, Japan send Antarctic Research Expedition to Antarctica under Antarctic Treaty. So the treaty and its freeze of the territorial claims over Antarctica are very famous. And in Japan, we take it for natural that such children’s books like these are widely published. But I hear that it’s not in foreign countries including Europe and America. These except the web contents are usually lent in public libraries. So even very poor people have chances to learn it in Japan. (In Japan, illiteral people are very irregular, under our public education.)

But Australians except few don’t know Antarctic Treaty that Australia is an original party of. They don’t learn it in public education. So ignorant of the treaty, they believe that their self-claimed Australian Antarctic Territory actually recognized by only 4: Britain, France, New Zealand, and Norway; is internationally Australia’s. Thus they take our research whaling in Antarctica for the completely illegal invasion of Australia. And that fact demostrates a world difference between Japanese high education level and Australian low education level about Antarctica.

* See also The sources of the truth that the Australian court rule to fine Kyodo Senpaku is internationally invalid if you want to check what Antarctic Treaty is, the presumption of this entry.

環境省_南極キッズ − 南極条約(なんきょくじょうやく)
Translation: Antarctic Treaty – Antarctica Kids – Ministry of Environment
南極キッズ(Nankyoku Kids, Antarctica Kids) is a website teaching Antarctica study to Japanese children by Ministry of Environment. That page teaches the Japanese children that the parties stop the territorical claims over Antarctica. And you can find that Antarctic Treaty and its freeze of the territorial claims over Antarctica are the knowledge in children level in Japan.
>4. 南極地域(なんきょくちいき)を自分の国の領土(りょうど)だと言うのは止めよう。
Translation: Let us, the parties stop the territorial claims over Antarctica.
南極から地球環境を考える 1 南極観測のひみつQ&A (ジュニアサイエンス) [ / Numazu City Library ]
Translation: To Think Earth Environment from Antarctica 1: Mystery of Antarctic Explororation Q & A (Science for Junior)
A book about Antarctic study supervised by National Institute for Polar Research. p12-p13 mentions Antarctic Treaty and its freeze of territorial claims.
ニュースに出てくる国際条約じてん 1 国際組織と領土 | 彩流社 [ Amazon / Numazu City Library ]
Translation: Encyclopedia of International Treaties Mentioned in the News 1 International Organizations and Territories published by Sairyusha.
Its series picks up the treaties often shown in the news media and introduces to children with the supervision of Akira Ikegami, a journalist and former news commentary of NHK. That book’s 6th chapter shows Antarctic Treaty. It means that Antarctic Treaty is often shown in Japanese news media.
領土ってなに? (シリーズ領土を考える) [ Amazon / Numazu City Library ]
Translation: What are the Territories?( Series To Think About Territories))
It is a book to teach what territory is to children. It mentions international customs roughly, too. And p33 shows Antarctic Treaty and explain that its claimants’ terrorial claims and that the treaty freezes them.
ポプラディア情報館 国際組織 [ Amazon / Numazu City Library ]
Translation: Poplardia Information House: International Organizations
ポプラディア(Poplardia) is an encyclopedia series for children’s researches in library. And that encyclopedia is about international organizations. p120 explains International Convention for Regulating Whaling and p121 does Antarctic Treaty with mentioning the freeze of territorial claims.
中学校社会 公民/国際社会における国家 – Wikibooks
Translation: Middle School Social Studies: Civil / the States of International Society
It mentions the fact that Antarctica doesn’t belong to any countries and Antarctic Treaty. It’s a neutralized source of our screened middle school textbooks of social studies. So it suggests that even very poor people learn Antarctic Treaty in the civil studies lessons in the public middle schools.

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