I settled an archive of Whaling Library by Masaaki Ishida.

http://luna.pos.to/whale/ has extinguished since Sep. 2021. And I released Whaling Library Archive, its archive under Masaaki Ishida, the author’s permission. I asked someone if he knows Mr. Ishida directly and that person contacted Mr. Ishida. I thank that person.
The circumstance is like this.

9 May, 2022

  • DNS answers the IP address of luna.pos.to but I cannot access Whaling Library. So I demanded atw.jp , its server operator to recover it.
  • atw.jp answers that their hosting service on pos.to has finished and that they has told that to the website owner.
  • I reported the extinction to my friends on the issue of whaling.
  • One of them found https://usewill.com/dpoke/c/UW24/UW24974.html, the source that the mail service and the webservice of pos.to has finished. And that leads the conclusion that luna@pos.to , Mr. Ishida’s mail address is extinct now.
  • Before the extinction, I have ripped Whaling Library’s the final version since I was thinking of providing him with the web space on my home server. Someone recommend me to release the archive. I put it for showing some limited friends but I didn’t decide to release it before getting Mr. Ishida’s permission.

12 May 2022

  • I found someone who looked like knowing Mr. Ishida directly. And by email, I asked that person if he could contact Mr. Ishida with explanation that I wanted to release the mirror site.
  • On that person’s reply, he said that he had matters and he would try to contact Mr. Ishida by snail mail on 16 May, the coming Monday.

20 May 2022

  • From Mr.Ishida’s new email address, I received his email that he got the contact from that person. Mr. Ishida permits me to release the archive if I do it as the archive of the past website.
  • I released Whaling Library Archive
  • I sent thanks mails to them.

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