I installed an IRC server on my home server on 27 Sept. 2014

I installed InspIRCd, an IRC server and anope, an IRC service daemon on 27 Sept.2014. I wish that there was a Japanese conservative IRC network free from anti-Japanese leftists’ oppression about political issues including historical recognitions, whaling, and so on in trend of the world’s IRC network technology. So with that installations, I founded SakuraDoori, a personal IRC network with only one server. The server name is irc.emmanuelc.dix.asia and its port is +6697 (SSL).
Probably, only a few people come. But I felt like doing that by seeing irc.juggler.jp, the most popular server of IRC@2ch(2ch.net / 2ch.sc), the most popular Japanese IRC network got independent because of 2ch’s trouble.

I added Part 242(actually part 243) to my archive of Rather Shinkansen than TGV on 1 Sept.

The threads named “Rather Shinkansen than TGV” are a series of 2ch‘s Korea Forum, about railway technology and so on since Korea imports TGV. I don’t notify on my blogs but I update “TGVより新幹線 & 台湾新幹線 過去ログ“, my archive of that series when the new thread took over. (◆WHhh4nwOyo, another person maintain another website named 「TGVより新幹線 ☆」アーカイブ ~KTXうぉっちんぐ.)
I learned how excellent Shinkansen is by seeing mod-5’s archive. Now there’s the official 50th aniversary website of Tokaido Shinkansen(Facebook) and I’m also in festive wood.
By the way, now part 241 of the series is dublicated and part 242 is actually part 243. But the current 244th thread’s number is named Part 243, not fixed. Maybe, I will put the dublicated log pages named “part 241”.
And I’m thinking of changing Image-Uploadable Reserve Webboard from the current to another software. (Use it when you cannot post comments on this blog or so.)

I added some links of OPACs and so on to my links page yesterday.

Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel is my links page. It’s one of my oldest web pages.

The forum sites for 2ch cluster

  1. 2ch.sc(I added it to the exlanation of 2ch.)
    Hiroyuki, the founder of 2ch has been kicked out for 6 months and founded 2ch.sc instead. Since 2ch is one of the biggest Japanese forum site, everyone Japanese knows that event.
  2. open 2ch is an alternative website of 2ch, founded by satoru, a web creator. All the posting on its forums are licensed under public domain. Many people of 2ch moved to it since 2ch has forbidden them to copy the posts on some of its forums, by changing their forum rule. I got to know in same period as 2ch.sc founded. But I haven’t add the link on the links page.

Open Public Access Catalogs

  1. National Diet Library
    It has National Diet Library Online Public Access Catalog and NDL Search, an OPAC of libraries in Japan.
  2. Books.or.jp [Search Books]
    The search engine of Japan Book Publishers Association.
  3. Japanese Dealers in Old Books
    The web shop of Japanese Association of Dealers in Old Books and of Tokyo Association of Dealers in Old Book.
  4. Bibliophil Home Page
    A personal website of a bibliophil. It has links pages including
    Old Books Information General Links.
  5. National Institute for Informatics
    It has CiNii Articles, a search engine for Japanese scientific articles and essays and CiNii Books, one for university libraries.

I found a good usage of my home Annonymous FTP site for the opnions communities.

Although I don’t know how longer I will continue, I put the captured pictures of our Prime Minister’s Office’s English Facebook page on my anonymous FTP site(HTTP). I captured it with Pearl Crescent Page Saver of Firefox and so on.(FTP/HTTP. You can find some of them also on Maren Roush vs Emmanuel Chanel.)
I wondered what usage there is except illegal releases. But I got this answer that I upload the evident images too big to put as the web pictures.

I tried making my Favorite RSS web page with JQuery and its FeedEK plugin.

I tried making Favorite RSS page(Japanese) with JQuery and its plugin FeedEK. I have such a page on Iza!, the official net community Sankei Shimbun News Paper. But it’s going to end this service, the blog service, and the bookmark service in 2014. So I did.
It would be very good to control centrally both its HTML and its Java Script. But I wasn’t attentive to that point.

I renewed Le Salon Salon de Emmanuel Chanel, my phpBB board.

Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel, my phpBB board looked to have no problem but I found that people cannot register the new user accounts. So I renewed the board. It’s based on another newly phpBB board for another project. The database of the old phpBB board. But I resigned to keep the old data on the web since the database looks out of order. So the current board doesn’t keep the posts and user accounts on the old board.
This is my personal board. So I administrate it for my interests. Note that I will NOT conduct it from a neutral standpoint.

I tried settling a new Japanese blog: Kitsune Shimbun for deceiving with false article on 1 Apr., 2013.

I tried making a new Japanese blog: Kitsune Shimbun(きつね新聞). Its theme is to post the jokes thoroughly deceiving people.
From the start, I don’t keep its parent blogs both in English and in Japanese well. So I don’t know how long and how well I will keep this blog.
Kitsune is a Japanese word for “fox”, an animal. In Japanese folktales, foxes enchant people by turning their features into mankinds and various things.
The 1st article on the blog is a copy of my April Fool Joke in 2000. (I save that text on another web page. And you can read also its English version.) When I saw that Natalie Portman says that she wonders if her face is ugly in an article of a movie magazine, I associated her comment with Maya Kitajima(北島マヤ), the heroine of Mask of Glass(ガラスの仮面). So the idea of that article flashed through my mind.
And the 2nd article is the 1st original arctivle for the blog with lying about Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea. I haven’t made its English article.

I tried putting some social bookmark buttons with WP-Social-Bookmarking-Light.

After I got @Emmanuel_Chanel, an account of Twitter, I’ve got a bit interested in social bookmark buttons. So I put the buttons with WP-Social-Bookmarking-Light, a plugin for social bookmarks, found by Google. That plugin has also the buttons of mixi and of grow! but I haven’t since I don’t have their API keys.
I don’t know how many new visitors it would make by that since my text of the blogs aren’t very good.