I installed Linux Mint 16 Petra MATE 64bit Edition on 08, Dec. 2013

The analog sound part got disabled after the first installation. So with a panic for that, I installed it again. (Now the state is stable.)
One big issue, common with Ubuntu 13.10 is the big change of ibus. (See Ikuya Awashiro’s Ubuntu Weekly Recipe 第296回 Ubuntu 13.10と日本語入力) At first, like switching off ibus, I did ibus to alphanumeric mode with the key of switching input software. (the default key is [Super] + ) but looks that it’s set for us to use [全角/半角](Zenkaku_Hankaku) key. But as he points, ibus doesn’t show the status whether alphanumeric or Kanji. In addition, the abolishment of ibus’s language panel makes it harder to input Japanese from the X server of Windows PC on another room.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server Edition to this server PC on 12 May 2013.

Actually, I was trying to install Debian 7.0 wheezy. But I had a trouble with /boot partition even though it’s not a problem on upgrading. And the partitioner corupted the old partition table with making a GPT partition. Mistaking it for the trouble by a Debian installer, I tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server Edition many times. After that, I succeeded to install it when I make the 711MB base partition as / volume and LVM Physical Volume with /usr, /tmp, /var, /home, and swap.

I installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia on 21 Nov. 2012. & I cannot use Gwibber of Ubuntu’s package on it…

I cleanly installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia on 21 Nov. 2012. It’s based on Ubuntu 12.10. And I’ve also become a member of Linux Mint Japan from Linux Mint 13 Maya for a half year. You can install the Japanization packages by the way on ダウンロード | Linux Mint Japan. I did after my installtion of the distribution. The packages that Linux Mint Japan distribute are made by sachs, the administrator of < href="http://simosnet.com/livecdroom/">ライブCDの部屋. It had had a problem that it override the configuration of ibus, a Linux software like MS-IME before. It was very inconvenient since I use some non-Japanese input methods on ibus. But it’s already fixed on the time of my installation although the fix is not complete.
But I find another problem. Continue reading I installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia on 21 Nov. 2012. & I cannot use Gwibber of Ubuntu’s package on it…

I cleanly installed Linux Mint 13 Maya Mate 64bit on 7 June, 2012, yesterday.

I hate Unity, the default desktop of Ubuntu. So when I installed it, select the Gnome Classic desktop after installing Gnome Shell. Many people dislike Unity. So yesterday, I cleanly installed Linux Mint, a derived distribution of Ubuntu with Mate desktop forking at Gnome 2.
I feel Mate much better than Unity or Gnome Shell. It’s as easy as Gnome Classic on Gnome 3. That’s good since Gnome Classic will be obsolate.
Since I use LVM, I installed Linux Mint by the way on Mint + LVM?.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin cleanly.

Although I hate Unity, I’ve decided to continue using Ubuntu Linux. So I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 11.10 PC automatically. It almost succeed. It fails to install grub, the boot loader of linux. In addition, I couldn’t do that with the rescue mode of my alternate CD for the clean installation. So I try the clean installation since /home volume is separated from the system volumes.
Probably, if you use LVM, Logical Volume Manager on your system partitions, the installation of grub fails in other ways than the clean installation. It was the final process. So maybe, there is a solution without this clean installation. But I don’t know. It looks better to install Ubuntu 12.04 cleanly if you use LVM by the installation with alternate CD.

I bought a new PC in June. And I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on 14 Oct.

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 to that. Its case is ANTEC NINE HUNDRED TWO v3. The power unit is on the bottom. It has three air filters inside on the front side and on the left side of the case. The clean-up of the dust on the sides is hard for ejecting those filters.

I could use REX-SATA3

To be advised on IRC@2ch, I put RATOC’s REX-SATA3 removable case on the bottom since the removable case is too long for putting on the top of the PC case. I can use the removable case on Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 now.
cf. https://forums.ubuntulinux.jp/viewtopic.php?id=12126 (Japanese)

I cleanly installed Ubuntu 11.10 on the PC

Now Ubuntu 11.10 is released on 14. Its default desktop is Unity. But I dislike it. So when I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 on the PC, I tried installing XFCE, Xubuntu desktop, and Gnome shell. But I don’t know how to delete “XFCE” on the lightdm and I feel it complicated for some others… So I cleanly installed Ubuntu 11.10.

I upgraded my Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat to Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal on 30 Apr, 2011.

It’s all automatic on the Update Manager and too easy to remember any. Sorry.
For my PC’s specification, I cannot use Unity desktop that becomes the standard desktop of Ubuntu. So my desktop is Gnome of Ubuntu Classic.
I’m thinking of buying a new PC. So it can be no problem. But I feel that Ubuntu requires high performance, too.

I newly installed Debian 6.0 squeeze on Fujitsu FMV 6200 T5 on 14 Dec and on 15 Dec

The installation to the FMV 6200 T5, a very old PC with Pentium Pro 200MHz, 64MB memory cost much more labour than usual. I tried to install Debian 6.0 squeeze with Debian 6.0 squeeze di-beta2-i386 CD 1 since I had burnt it for my router/server PC’s bootloader trouble. And it doesn’t let me partition LVM(Logical Volume Manager) volumes. di-beta2-i386 netinst CD, neither. (I haven’t examined di-beta2-i386 businesscard) After all, I used 3 floppy disks (diskettes) for the installation with its hdd-installer made on 27 Nov. 2010.

When I tried the CD1 and the netinst CD, partman, the partitioning software on Debian installer doesn’t load LVM support or Encrypted File System support for insufficient memory. In the former case, I found the debug console’s line like “partman: insufficient memory to support LVM…”(Not quote. I haven’t record the log.). I wanted to use LVM. So it is a problem that the partman doesn’t load LVM support.

The FMV has become almost too old even for Debian.

* Mr. Kenshi Muto (武藤健志) and Mr. Yasuhiro Araki (荒木靖宏) of Debian JP project helped me find the problem on the official IRC channel. Thank you very much, Mr. Kenshi Muto and Mr. Yasuhiro Araki.

* I don’t have a USB memory. And my Ubuntu 10.10 PC cannot write anything to diskettes on its floppy disk drive by an error. (The old versions of linux can. I don’t know what the bug is.) So I wrote these diskette images by rawwrtxp.exe on Windows XP.

The 2 diskettes of BG Rescue
It’s a 2FD linux distribution, enabling the FMV to connect my LAN, to set the boot partition for the hdd-installer, and download the installer.
The 1 diskette of GRUB
I saw GRUB 起動ディスク(GRUB kidou disk, GRUB boot disk). I wrote grub-0.97-i386-pc.ext2fs on the diskette. You can download the grub on http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grub/. BG Rescue includes LILO but I didn’t know that.