I disabled myself to shutdown on the Gnome desktop on my router/server PC on 17 Dec.

My home network is used only by my parents except me. So it’s not necessary but I wanted to do that.

This server’s OS is Debian 6.0 squeeze, upgraded from Debian 5.0 lenny, as I posted the entry about. On the update, the aptitude deleted my Gnome desktop. So I reinstalled Gnome on this server. And the Shutdown button appears again and I could shutdown by cliking it without root password.

Consulting the official channel of GDM, Gnome Display Manager, Mr. Josselin Mouette, a GDM developer and Debian maintainer told me how to configure the GDM.

I write the quote below on newly made /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/consolekit.pkla . (The quoted is made by him.) The last .pkla on the filename is important. It’s the extension for the configuration. You can fill anything not blank between [ and ].

[Forbid shutdown]
[Forbid reboot]

But I could still shutdown this server from my Gnome desktop. I took the configuration for not working. It works actually. But the trial on another account, the desktop asks me the root password. My non-root account belonged to “powerdev” account group. And it let me shutdown without root password. So I deleted myself from “powerdev” group by vigr. And I could disabled.

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  1. Bonjour from France Emmanuel, interesting article. I see that you like linux very much, it’s a good thing 🙂 I like the title of your website “Le Château de Emmanuel Chanel” . You seem to like the french language. We are two 😉

    See you later !!!

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