I added “Japanese Medieval History Archives” to my links page.

I added Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ) to my links page. It’s a website by a circle researching history. And the editor-in-chief is Lector Shigeo Hosokawa (細川重男). I found that website by seeing Japanese History Archives Web Board (日本中世史アーカイヴズ掲示板), its web board.It was formerly Kamakura Period History Web Board(鎌倉時代史掲示板) by Mr. Kotarou Suzuki (鈴木小太郎). So I’ve added it with Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条), its parent website since I met him on Nihon Cha Cha Cha Club and he often posted many messages on its forum. So even though I’m not much interested in such history, my links page has had the link of the web board for a long time.
I found many related websites related to Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ). But I don’t know what to explain them since I’m not good at Medieval Japanese History or at Japanology. So I wrote only the explanation of it with some links.

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