Added some links listed on my RSS reader

I have an account of Iza! (イザ!), the official blog community of the Sankei Shimbun Newspaper (産経新聞) for commenting on some blogs including some official blogs of its newswriters. So I have the hosted RSS reader of my Iza! page. I’ve added 43 RSSs on it but I haven’t linked all on my links page since I haven’t checked what the parent websites of all are. Although these are not all, I addded those blogs to my links. At this time, I linked mainly blogs about Korea.

Enjoy Korea Translation Forum is a forum with translations between Japanese and Korean. Korean people there try to defeat us on many issues including historical recognitions, for their racial supremistic mentality. So Japanese people refute them, too. (The Comfort Women problem is also an issue refuted by Japanese there.) According to [Korean] Information Collection General Thread Part 14[Real Feelings] (【韓国人】情報収集総合スレッドPart14【本音】), Korean people feel that Japanese visitors are professors of universities. the level of Japanese visitors’ debate is too high for Korean people there. The blogs below are around Enjoy Korea Translation Forum.

And I checked also these 4 blogs about Korea or so on.

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