Liberal Democratic Party Lost, Democratic Party of Japan Won, and Japan Sink. (The election on 30 Aug, 2009.)

I posted this entry late since I got very melancholic about that.
We had a snap election of the House of Representatives. On 2ch and the opinions web, we support Prime Minister Taro Aso and the Liberal Democratic Party (conservative), since Democratic Party of Japan (leftists and pro-Marxist for China, North Korea, and South Korea, the three anti-Japanese countries.) doesn’t concern our security or our economy. Although LDP holds some liberal powerful politicians, DPJ has much more. But DPJ won clear majority since major media deviate pro-DPJ.

Korea, Racists against Japanese

Korean racism against Japanese isn’t well-known in Europe or in USA. It’s their tradition for hundreds years. You can see many cases in Occidentalism (*), introducing South Korean anti-Japanese racism in English.

Korea is a country of Chinese civilization, different from us. They hold Sinocentrism. On Sinocentrism, the farther from China, the more barbaric people are. And in such logic, Koreans look down Japanese.

But we, Japan is stronger than Korea. Their first independence in 1885 is by our won of the first Sino-Japanese War, for wishing they’d become a permanent neutral country. After failing that, we colonized Korea by Iljinhoe’s appeal after the assassination of Hirobumi Ito.

So Koreans are angry about Japan, even if they didn’t try to keep independence. And their accuse of Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598), of Comfort Women, and so on are just for justifying their racism. In Korea, people’s ancestors sins and crimes are ones of the people themselves.

So we, people on Japanese conservative web are melancholic for DPJ’s policy of enfranchisement on foreigners, especially Korean residents in Japan.

He say that our compulsory prostitution of Comfort Women is false. Actually, seeing Prof. Yoshiaki Yoshimi (吉見義明)’s 従軍慰安婦問題資料集 (comfort women source book) in 1997, I conclude same as him. There are no evidence that our government then make Korean women prostitutes but ones that our government came down on those compulsion crimes. On the web, I know only Report No. 49: Japanese Prisoners of War Interrogation on Prostitution, Comfort Women Q&A (Abolished. See it by Web Archive), and so on on the English web but you can find many counter-evidences on National Archives and Records Administration since Yoshimi’s book includes those sources. You should research at least those with visiting it.

Japan Teachers Union (Nikkyouso) supports DPJ and North Korea

Japan Teachers Union gives out a labor union but is actually leftists political group of teachers. They oppose national flags and national anthems of Japan. So they teach pupils not to respect the flags and anthems. And for “Pacifism”, those teachers abused children of JDF solders and of police officers. You would know how abnormal they are even only by that.

Motofumi Makieda, the former Chairman of Nikkyouso praised North Korea. North Korea is a criminal state abducting Japanese civilians for their spy activities.

And Councillor Azuma Okiishi, being president of the House of Councillors is an activist of Nikkyouso and DPJ politician.

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