I installed Fedora 12

After I make /home an ext4 file system I installed Fedora 12.

  1. I forgot my entry of the installation of Fedora 11. So I didn’t hit ESC key but I put “selinux=0” on “Install system with basic video driver” by editing the boot menu(starting with hitting e button). And selinux is disabled for that.
  2. I change /home logical volume’s file system from reiserfs to ext4, before the installation. The reiserfs volume is LogVol_home1 , the name of which changed from LogVol_home . And ext4 volume is LogVol_home , newly created. I reduced LogVol_home1 and created LogVol_home . And I moved files from LogVol_home1 to LogVol_home . And I reduced LogVol_home1 and expanded LogVol_home . And I repeated a few times. And I removed empty LogVol_home1 and expanded LogVol_home to maximum size.
    By commanding ‘df -h’, ext4 volume looks smaller than 900GB when reiserfs volume was bigger than that number.

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