I’m thinking of updating my websites.

Actually, I have put out 永遠に断片的な小説もどき (Eternally Scrappy Noveloid), the memorandom site of my imagination in private, undeleted its first web edition as 永遠に断片的な小説もどき 第1版 (Eternally Scrappy Noveloid the 1st edition), and so on. But I cannot have put together, I feel.

When I posted the last entry, I made “The Issue of Whaling”, a new category on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel and added The Issue of Whaling Fixing Up wiki and some blogs on it.

* Added at 07:53 on 5 Jan.
I changed “Eternally Scrappy Noveloid”‘s URI from http://private.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/ to http://www.private.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/ after posting this entry. But I didn’t refer that. And now, I’vechanged it back.

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