I Added Some Links to Some Blogs and Some Related Websites on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel.

I added all websites on Emmanuel Chanel’s Favorite RSS (Hereinafter, I call it Favorite RSS) of Iza!, the news website and Sankei Shimbun’s Official Blog Community but not linked from Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel (The links page of this website. Hereinafter, I call it the Links Page.).

The Links Page is formed like the home page and its explanation with direct links to some blogs and forums related them but Favorite RSS is stuff that I make read my favorite RSS feeds to show in public. So… I haven’t lined some on the Favorite RSS, since I don’t know where the home page is, or because of laziness. And I added all.
The added blogs and websites

I’m thinking of using Google Reader, too. But I don’t find it in public on the web. Can it be readable for everyone?

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