The book about the leaked about terror: The court halts its publication. (The Sankei Shimbun, 産経新聞)

“The book about the leaked about terror: The court halts its publication. A Muslim allegates that.” (流出テロ本、出版差し止め決定 イスラム教徒申し立て)(the Sankei Shimbun(産経新聞). There is also the same article on Iza!, the Sankei Shimbun‘s official blog community.)

I added Spy & Terror, a blog having an entry about that news: About the leak of Koan’s Terror data, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department should acknowledge the name list of the investigators.(公安テロ資料流出で警視庁は捜査員名簿を認めるべき), to Des Liends de Emmanuel Chanel my links page.

I got know that news at 22:25 29 Nov., 2010, two hours later, by a chat. Maybe, the leak to the net is more serious. But hearing that the data is sold as a book, I got such a panic that I posted an entry (Japanese) on this blog. So I felt the news good, although it can be misreading.

There is 2ch Military BBS FAQ, a FAQ website by collecting opinions on Military BBS of 2ch, administrated by Mr. Keshiin-Tokorozawa. Although I dislike some points on our issue of history recognitions, it’s a staple of news, of military, politics, and of history. I don’t know why… I couldn’t find the page about the leak on it. Probably because I couldn’t seek well… But I found Spy & Terror by seeing History of FAQ. Buntarou Kuroi (黒井文太郎), the blogger is a former editor-in-chief of ‘World Intelligence’, a magazine for international intelligence(Gunji Kenkyuu(軍事研究)’s Extra Volumes, according to the subtitle of the blog.

He wrote his estimate on The leak of data from the 3rd Foreign Affairs Division of Public Security Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Part 3 (警視庁公安部外事3課資料流出その3):

About this leak of the data, media also writes “The cards are revealed.”, “Aftermath to APEC”, “Disrepute for the leak of FBI’s information” and so on. But they overreated. It wouldn’t be not as serious as disrepute. Since the leaks on the net are much more serious in Europe and America, at this level, we don’t have to be so nervous.
The most actually serious problem for the Japanese police side would be the leak of personal information of the investigators. The leak of one of forein sources is not too true be funny, either. Although the source wouldn’t be as important as Public Security Bureau, the sources would get actually in danger if they are identified.

I find that one reason of it is that Japan isn’t targetted by Islamic Terrorism. (I consider it as dangerous, though.). He also says on I posted an article to a magazine about the leak of the 3rd Foreign Affairs Division of Public Security Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department(警視庁公安部外事3課資料流出で雑誌寄稿):

The 3rd Foreign Affairs Division somehow stand to Hizbullah. Little thought is given to Hizbullah’s terror in Japan. Conceivably, Mossad or so inculcates its possibility.
According to one datum of the leaked, there are some sources in Japan, that gives information of Hibullah. But I think it impossible. In Japan, there is no route to information of Hizbullah’s terror.
Since Hizbullah is the huge political organization, certainly, there would be some related Lebanese living in Japan. But their arm of terrorism is another. It’s completely affiliated with the special operation units of “Quds Force”, Iran’s Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. That means Hizbullah is the existence like the flying column of Quds Force. It’s impossible to find sources of Hizbullah in the sight of counter-terrorism because there are no sources.

But about the point of this publication,

But actually, this situation is for Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to react quickly. If they don’t acknowledge all, they should react with acknowledge not of all but of the investigators’ personal information. When they published again with striking them, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department react with acknowledge of another part. There are no mid-sized publishers that can win such an endurance game economically.

he says on About the leak of Koan’s Terror data, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department should acknowledge the name list of the investigators.. Certainly, intelligence operations are things that you must do illegal or against morals. So harassments, you do if you need on it. It’s so serious even on his view. Oh… there are the cases of Spy Catcher and of By Way of Deception, which are scattered with adding oil to fire by the court trials. I find a critics titled “It’s like the publications of the leaflets picked up on a street.(道で拾ったちらしを印刷したようなもの)” that it’s hard to win the court trials, too. It’s really a tough issue.

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