About 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

I live in the northern Kanto Region. The shindo scale of the quake at my house was 6+, I hear.
I was in the hospital then. After the long quake with Shindo 5, the emergency light got on with other lights off. So I panicked to run out without waiting for the lead. The hospital’s building is alright now.
My home, my parents, and I are alright, too.
I’m very anxious about the Fukushima 1 nuclear accident, although the tsunami killed much more lives. So sometime, I’m too much involved in the news about it. And sometime, I posted some comments about the accident on other internet sites. And I haven’t updated any of this blog for a long time. Few would see this blog, though…(Becomig too melancholic, I’ve quited to follow the news deeply for a long time, though…)
My area is longer than 80 km far. So we won’t be affected so badly. I hear that the accident is level 7. But better than the Chernobyl disaster, the reactors are stopped. The accident won’t become worse than the Chernobyl disaster. So I’m not thinking of runing away since I don’t feel that it makes sense. There are very many nuclear sites in the world and we cannot run away far from them.

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