Updates on the links pages these days.(13 Dec. 2011)

Although I haven’t posted an entry about it, I added and updated some items to Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel and to Kita no Ookami Fan Club Links the Revived. Maybe, better for me to tweet on Twitter than to post the entries on these blogs.
I added two blogs around Prof. Kanji Nishio, a famous conservative essayist and parted with by The Web Society for Thinking Textbooks and so on:

About the latter, on 1 Dec., last week, I received his mail that he settled it newly. I added it to my links pages but I didn’t post an entry like this since I didn’t feel that I can post good one.
The other way, I updated two items on “Passe-temps et Divertissement:Manganimes”(Manga and Anime section). One is the official movie website of Detective Conan. I felt a bit depressed, finding that I forgot to update the year on it for two years. And another is Nodame Cantabile Organization Site Wiki. I seldom notice that I updated the existing items. But it would be better to show. So I wrote about that.

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