I changed my information on Blog People, a portal of Japanese blogs. I changed my blog on the info. from this blog to my Japanese blog.

On 11 Dec, when I went to a library, randomly selecting, I borrowed ブログのもと(“Base of Blogs”) by Kazuyoshi Nagasawa known for Modern Syntax. Accidentally, he was the owner of Blog People where I’ve got an account before. So I changed my blog on it from this blog to my Japanese blog, thinking of joining them even if a bit more.
Talking about the book itself, without reading others many enough to compare, I could learn basic things and that the ping service of updates isn’t trackback ping.

I found Blog People first at Swimming Voice by Mr. Kohyu Nishimura, a journalist formerly specialised in soccer and now done in anti-Japanese movements. He has added my first blog on his link list on Blog People since I had commented some.
In Feb. 2008, by the chance that my first blog got out of order, I convert my home page this English blog powered by WordPress. And for changing my blog’s URI on his link list, I registered an account of Blog People. But I’m not active on my account since my blog is in English. I started also a Japanese blog in Jan. 2009, too. But I didn’t change the link on Blog People for a long time since I seldom post the entries on this blog or on the Japanese blog with lacking the habit of keeping diary.
I haven’t configured anything on the blogs since Blog People‘s encoding is Shift JIS and since I wasn’t much interested in it. But I’m thinking of trying it on my Japanese blog.

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