You are very ignorant of the Comfort Woman problem, capone70.

Mr. Tony Marano aka Texas Daddy posted a video about our post-war compensation around Korean Comfort Women on PropagandaBuster channel of YouTube.
He has told people to move to another video if they want to discuss if the forcible prostitution of Comfort Women is true. So when I found capone70’s comments of that point and that he accuses Japan of Comfort Woman by some cases, I hesitated to refute on it even with writing text for doing his/her comments on it and the point of forcible prostitution.
I feel him very ignorant of the points of our refutation. And we need to refute him on PB’s video. So I post this entry instead of posing a comment on his video.

Anyone who doubts whether comfort women in Japanese ocupied territories were coerced should google the name Jan Ruff-O’Hearn.

Long gone from this topic, I forgot even Jan Ruff-O’Hearn’s name. But I could find some about her. She is known as a victim of the Semarang Incident. When she testified on US Congress, Mr. Yoshihisa Komori, a journalist of Sankei Shimbun, a conservative newspaper posted the entry about it. He didn’t shown doubt on her testimony, though. The pimp house on that incident was for a month or so and closed by the headquarter’s order soon after they found the coercion. Our central headquarters of army and navy order not to coerce. Soon after the war, Holand had a court-martial on the case. So the case was closed long time ago. So it’s a usual war crime rather by some Japanese soldiers individually than by the Japanese national intention. Some suspect the case because the Holand’s research soon after the war is too bad and I don’t know if it’s true. Even if I believe the case is true, it’s not a evidence to refute our denial. In such situation, Dutch officials concluded the victims of forcible prostitution are 65 or so of 200 – 300 white prostitutes.
Nobody denies all such war crimes generally since all armies and navies have war criminals. Also about other Christian victims, I comment like that. You show just that you are very ignorant.

In most cases, the Japanese would target schools of 12 – 14 year-old girls

Probably, you can find many English websites for your view. But what are the first sources and what they say? Even if you find that the range of the prostitutes’ age was low exactly, you should consider that the age of consent then was lower than now. Many old Japanese women got married in age of 16 or so, too. I feel 12-14 too young, too. But were they too young to work in sex industries in that period of the world? We were so poor then. Koreans are poorer.
About the Korean cases, you should learn on Occidentalism . It has some entries about Comfort Woman. You can find there was a Taiwanese old person’s testimony that we didn’t have policy to forced prostitution. Oh… Taiwanese are Presbyterians, btw.
You should read Comfort Woman problem’s English sources in US archives first if you cannot read Japanese or trust Japanese sources. You can find that Comfort Women(called comfort girls in some sources) is a military-regulated voluntary prostitution system. (For example, Report No. 49: Japanese Prisoners of War Interrogation on Prostitution – Segunda Guerra Mundial – Exordio.) I’ve read those sources in “従軍慰安婦問題資料集”(the Comfort Woman Problem Sources Collection) edited by Prof. Yoshiaki Yoshimi(吉見義明) who accuses Japan of Comfort Women. I could find only the counter-evidences against such coercions. Fist of all, the most of Comfort Women were Japanese. They were voluntary, as other people were. You won’t find new evidences even in USA.
If you feel it those Korean Comfort Women should have redress, claim to the Korean government! If your logic were true, no countries cannot enter any peace treaties with dictators. It’s not the logic of international law.
You haven’t understand why we refute or our refutation itself well enough to refute even a little. Separate the two different points: the forced prostitution as individual war crimes and the accuse against Japan of the forcible prostitition in our national intention about Comfort Woman.

*His raw comments are blow:

Anyone who doubts whether comfort women in Japanese ocupied territories were coerced should google the name Jan Ruff-O’Hearn. She (rest in peace) was a Dutch Christian woman forcibly taken by the Japanese in Indonesia. They also did this to Christians in East Timor. May God bless all the victims of the merciless, barbarous Japanese army and grant them peace.
capone70 1週間前

Tony, I understand how you feel about the Korean comfort women, but how about the CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC Filipino comfort women who were without any doubt or dispute forced into it and forcibly raped by the Japanese during the ocupation? If you didn’t hear of these cases, they are too widespread to list (a quick google search will give you the results). In most cases, the Japanese would target schools of 12 – 14 year-old girls. So, do you think these poor girls should have redress?
capone70 1週間前

Tony, I believe some of the Korean comfort women were paid and that most of them were forced. But regarding the topic at hand: a) the previous S Korean govt was a dictatorship and did not speak for the people b) the funds paid did not go to the people, in which case they still had redress. In other words, the Korean govt does NOT have the right to seek future damages, but an individual CIVIL suit on behalf of the victims may.
capone70 1週間前

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