I moved my subdomain name from emmanulc.yuuna.org to emmanuelc.dix.asia

Last night(30 Jan., 2012), I found Kamyu, the administrator of DDNS.Kamyu.Net, my Dynamic DNS service had noticed that he is going to quite the service. So I’m going to be disabled to use emmanuelc.dix.asia . So I moved my subdomain name from emmanulc.yuuna.org to emmanuelc.dix.asia.
I newly registered an account on MyDNS.JP. Someone introduces that service when I asked if there is a Dynamic DNS service where I can use DNS wildcard for free. It looks the free service of MyDNS.JP is very functional. I hope that the service wouldn’t end.

The new URIs are these:
This blog (English home): https://emmanuelchanel.com/
My Japanese blog: https://blog.emmanuelchanel.com/
My Forum https://forums.emmanuelc.dix.asia/
Links https://emmanuelchanel.com/links/
The Archive of Rather Shinkansen than TGV & Taiwan Shinkansen https://emmanuelchanel.com/~emmanuel/
Yahoo! Japan Message Board’s Archive https://yarchive.emmanuelc.dix.asia/

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