R.I.P. ex-PM Shinzo Abe

Ex-PM Shinzo Abe got killed yesterday. And I’m really shocked. I wished that he would survice from the shots. But he got killed.
For only 3 years of the 1 term, the assassin worked for our navy. But our mass media emphasize that fact too much. Many feel that his naval work in his history isn’t related to the fact that he could make the gun by hands since our navy’s basic training doesn’t have such a class. We need to know his history after the navy. According to our media, he says that he targetted an officer of a religious group. But I feel his assassination’s real background is still uncertain.
When Shinzo Abe became the LDP president again, the net conservatives held the support campaign for that. And I committed it. He was a hope of Japanese conservatives. He won the most Japanese people’s support of his cabinet. And he was in the Prime Minister position for the longest in the modern Japanese history. He was really a big man both for us, Japanese people and for the international community.

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