I link the official website of Mr. Tadanobu Bandou (坂東忠信), the author of “An Interpreting Investigator (通訳捜査官)”

Seeing some blogs referring the Senkaku Islands incident, on one of the blogs, someone introduced Mr. Tadanobu Bandou (坂東忠信)‘s What I Know From the Increase of Foreigners’ Crimes, that seems to have become a mirror of the other blog with a same name on Ameba. I added its RSS feed to Emmanuel Chanel’s Favorite RSS(Japanese) on Iza!, the official blog community of the Sankei Shinbun Newspaper (産経新聞).

Although I read An Interpreting Investigator (通訳捜査官) on a bookstore without buying, I feel it very good that he describes Chinese unrepentant mentality in the sight of a police detective.

通訳捜査官 (Interpreting Investigators) are the investigators to join the arrests and investigations of each prefectural police forces, after the training in National Police Agency. He was a translating investigator of Keishicho (警視庁), Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Since Interpreting Investigators are police, they don’t only interpret but also reveal the suspects’ lies with the knowledge of their culture.

According to An Interpreting Investigator (通訳捜査官), he was deceived by a Chinese’s lie “China is a socialistic country and things belong to all. So there isn’t larceny.”(Not quote.) when he arrested him for stealing a bicycle at his Koban era. After all, the arrested Chinese’s quibble failed since another Chinese seeing that corrected him that the the theft is sentenced to death, thogh. So Trying to befool Chinese back, Bandou started to learn Chinese by himself, to get his boss’s recommendation for the Chinese training on NPA.

* On his website, he gives out “a former (police) detective”. But there isn’t the rank of detectives. It doesn’t mean that he lies, though. In Japan, Detective is the passed-by name of the criminal investigators, of bear trackers, and so on.

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