I registered Google AdSense last Sunday.

And I put Google’s advertisements on emmanuelchanel.com Well, I don’t have a skill to get much money by this system. But someone advise me to start the affiliation marketing and I feel that it’s better to get money for this server’s cost partially.

I put Google Ads to my WordPress blogs(This blog and Japanese blog), my web board, and wiki via their plugins. And I did the ads to users.emmanuelchanel.com , irc.emmanuelchanel.com , and links collection by adding these directives to my Apache’s document root directory configuration after enabling mod_sed of Apache 2.4.

AddOutputFilter Sed html htm html.en html.ja cgi
OutputSed “s/<\/[Hh][Ee][Aa][Dd]>/<script async src=\”https:\/\/pagead2.googlesyndication\.com\/pagead\/js\/adsbygoogle.js\?client\=(deleted)\” crossorigin=\”anonymous\”><\/script><\/head>/

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