Kurosagi the movie

I watched Kurosagi the movie (映画 クロサギ) today, too.
Kurosagi is originally a manga serialization by Kuromaru and Takeshi Natsuhara on Weekly Young Sunday (週刊ヤングサンデー). It was made into a TV drama from 14 Apr. to 23 Jun. in 2006 and the movie is the sequel of the drama.

Kurosaki, the hero of it is a swingler burning up only cons. In TV shows, he has clients in all cases but in the original, not in all. In the original, as he does in TV shows, he buys information from Katsura, the fixer of swingler society. Katsura is the planner of fraud leading Kurosaki’s father to family suicide. So Kurosaki, himself is a victim of fraud and he’s become one for revenge on all cons but he needs Katsura.

In all versions, Kurosagi looks a sort of Mission Impossible since all episodes show interesting tricks. The episode of Kurosagi the movie, too. It is based on the original serialization, too, as the all episodes of the TV drama version. One swingler’s con smashed up many corporations to damage Japanese economy itself. So Katsura whip him by Kurosaki.

I’d read the original episode when I watched the movie but probably you can enjoy much more without reading it.

Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear reminds me of Nodame Cantabile

Today, I watched Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear (名探偵コナン 戦慄の楽譜), which is the movie of Detective Conan in 2008, this year. Detective Conan is originally a mystery manga serialization by Gosho Aoyama (青山剛晶) on Shonen Sunday (少年サンデー) and the anime based on it. I like mystery. So I watch every movie of Detective Conan.

One big theme of the movie is classical music. So it reminds me of Nodame Cantable (のだめカンタービレ), the live drama based on the honomymous manga by Tomoko Ninomiya (二宮知子) since it was a drama about classical music on air in 2006. I watched its repeat several times in 2007. I hear that it influenced the popularity of classical music in Japan. So I felt the possibility that it influenced Detective Conan, too.


POLYGLOT is a SNS for people interested in languages. It has the official IRC channel, too. Someone told me the URI on UniLang 3 months ago when I sought an IRC server that UniLang uses. Although I couldn’t find the server, I’ve started to park it since I’m interested in languages.
I find very many French people there. So you can practice French very often.

Updated this WordPress to version 2.5

Seeing the alert of update, I downloaded WordPress 2.5, the latest version and upgraded this blog. I could do it without troubles, although I forgot to delete all non-configuration files of the old version.

Upgrading from any previous WordPress to 2.5:

  1. Delete your old WP files, saving ones you’ve modified.
  2. Upload the new files.
  3. Point your browser to /wp-admin/upgrade.php.
  4. You wanted more, perhaps? That’s it!

Updated Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel, my phpBB forum

I updated Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel to the newest phpBB.

Today, I got very many spam registrations on Le Salon de Emmanuel Chanel. So I visited phpBB2 Japanese Support Forum (phpBB2 日本語サポートフォーラム) and I found some MODs for captcha. But visiting phpBB.com, I found that phpBB 3.01 is released. So I sought its Japanese version since we always have own Mojibake problem about iso-2022-jp mails. And I found Ocean Labo at Topics of Olympus / phpBB3 (Olympus / phpBB3 の話題).

Added some links listed on my RSS reader

I have an account of Iza! (イザ!), the official blog community of the Sankei Shimbun Newspaper (産経新聞) for commenting on some blogs including some official blogs of its newswriters. So I have the hosted RSS reader of my Iza! page. I’ve added 43 RSSs on it but I haven’t linked all on my links page since I haven’t checked what the parent websites of all are. Although these are not all, I addded those blogs to my links. At this time, I linked mainly blogs about Korea.
Continue reading Added some links listed on my RSS reader

I deleted the dead link of Case Closed (April 6th, 2008)

“Case Closed” is the American title of “Detective Conan”, the most famous Japanese mystery manga and animation of Japan. Its first season was on air in USA. So it had the official website.
Seeing that, the names of characters are changed in the American version. Shinichi Kudo is Jimmy Kudo in it and Ran Mouri is Rachel Moore. What do you think of it?
And I hear that it was on air at night since the anime includes many homicides in context. So children there couldn’t watch it.

I added “Japanese Medieval History Archives” to my links page.

I added Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ) to my links page. It’s a website by a circle researching history. And the editor-in-chief is Lector Shigeo Hosokawa (細川重男). I found that website by seeing Japanese History Archives Web Board (日本中世史アーカイヴズ掲示板), its web board. Continue reading I added “Japanese Medieval History Archives” to my links page.

I added some Japanese blogs to my links page.

I added some Japanese blogs below to my links page.

Those are seen on Emmanuel Chanelさんのお気に入りRSS, my rss reader on iza!, the official blog community of the Sankei Shimbun News Paper (産経新聞). It’s a conservative newspaper and some says that it has many mistakes. But it’s only one conservative newspaper among the biggest newspapers.
There would be many RSS readers but I use only Emmanuel Chanelさんのお気に入りRSS on my iza! page.

The Renewal of My Website.

I renewed this home page and changed it a blog. I don’t have custom to keep diary. So I won’t refresh it often. It sounds bad, heh. I originally made this website as a salon for my Japanese conservative friends. But changing my nick to this, I try to make it also an international website. So I translate my links page into English and this blog is in English. I’ve written some entries on a nucleus system before installing this blog. But I don’t know how to recover them on this blog. So I haven’t entered any logs.
On the net, I’m interested in many stuff. As a conservative Japanese, I want to help conservative people if little. I haven’t helped someone on Wikipedia, though. I like animes, American TV dramas, IRC, and so on, too. As a conservative Japanese, I cannot agree that the Jenin Massacre denial is denialism. When the enemies wearing civilian suits creep into civilians, it’s clear that no armies cannot keep from killing civilians. I learned that in the discussion of Nanjing Massacre denial. (cf. ejcjs – The Nanjing Incident: Recent Research and Trends:) I had some arguments on some IRC channels of Israel about my view of Japanese history and got angry but it’s not integral to accuse Israel of killing civilians. (cf. my introduction on #israel website)